• Idade: 41
  • Nacionalidade: Argentina
  • Idiomas: Francês, Inglês e Espanhol

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Experiência na Romênia

Hostel Brasov, Romênia Nov/2019


Avaliação feito pelo anfitrião

German is a nice person, he helped us in the hostel, nothing to say. He did everithing right with the tasks. I found to be a little bit reserved, not so sociable. Overall was a ok. We recommend.

  • Responsabilidade

Avaliação feita por Germán

Boemia Hostel is a very nice and cozy place. The kitchen is spacious and well equipped, the beds are confortable and the breakfast is plentiful and delicious. The city itself is georgeous, quiet and safe, with many places to explore and hiking. The work is easy and gives you the opportunity to meet many people. In addition, the hosts are very friendly and generous. I had a very good experience in the Boemian Hostel that I would repeat in the future.

Experiência na Eslovênia

Hostel Bled, Eslovênia Sep/2019

Recepção, Ajuda na Limpeza, Tarefas Domésticas e Jardinagem

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Avaliação feito pelo anfitrião

He is a very interesting guy and also very relaxed, friendly and helpful, so it was great to have him as part of our team, because he helped us a lot in the main touristic season. We only regret two things: not having enough time to hang out with him (he does a lot of creative stuff) & that he couldn't stay even longer. We would definately recommend him to everyone.

  • Responsabilidade
  • Socialização
  • Proatividade
  • Comprometimento

Avaliação feita por Germán

The experience in the Garden House was great! The town itself is gorgeous and, of course, the lake is fantastic, but my staying in the hostel couldn't be better. I already miss the place and the awesome staff. All of them are super friendly and make you feel comfortable since the first day. I hope I can repeat the experience next summer.

Experiência na Bulgária

Hostel Sofia, Bulgária Jul/2019

Ajuda na Limpeza, Tarefas Domésticas e Recepção

Avaliação feito pelo anfitrião

German gave more than was asked of him since the first day and that give a really good impression and he keep it up all the time. I would definitely recommend him, and he is more than welcome to stay with us again

  • Responsabilidade
  • Proatividade
  • Comprometimento

Avaliação feita por Germán

The hostel is located in the most interesting zone of the city, where museums and buildings of historical importance are. About the experience working in the H2O: cleaning tasks could be a little tough because of the size of the building and the lack of cleaning products, and the reception tasks could be messy sometimes; but it was fine after all.

Luego de trabajar por años en la industria audiovisual y de los videojuegos, decidí dar un vuelco radical a mi vida y comencé a viajar por tiempo indefinido sin un destino concreto. Desde entonces, salto de un país a otro ofreciendo mi ayuda y llevándome de ellos los más increíbles recuerdos como recompensa. Redescubriéndome a cada momento y haciéndome camino a cada paso.

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I studied visual arts and filmmaking in my youth and now I'm currently studying a degree un history at the University of Buenos Aires.

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In my twenties I worked as a video editor and filmmaker and in my thirties I've worked in the video game industry as game and content designer. Nowadays, I'm starting a career as an independent writer.

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I'm a low budget light bagagged traveller. I've visited 16 countries so far (mostly Europeans).