Hey, I am Brazilian guys how is following the sun since October 2017. Traveling and working is a thing that I always was looking and finally, I am doing. I already have a lot of experiences in my life and even some of that I don't remember to put here because is a just normal thing for me, so is like a box full of surprises haha.

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We need a bit time to get warm, then it is great! He like to cook, genial to work and finish projects.
Hard work with digging and transport. He always help with wasching dishes and citchen after a hard day work. Also he make after his work jam from cherry and drinks for the night.
And before he left he clean and organize al back how it was!
Help me water plants and cleaning the chickens.
He also like to work effizient.
I am glate he come back more times!
For collect apple in october / november!?


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Felipe is for sure one of the best volunteers we ever had. He is responsible and always ready to help in any possible ways even after his done with his job. He helped us a lot on the reception and in cleaning up the hostel and even with serving dinner to our guests. Thank you so much for everything ☺ you are welcome to come back whenever you want ❤


  • Pró-atividade
  • Responsabilidade
  • Comprometimento
  • Sociabilidade

Avaliações sobre Anfitriões


Stay with Alex in the Strawhotel for sure is one of the best experiences I have in my life, the work is very easy and knowledge, Alex explain why plans do kind of things, in the kitchen you learn how to use many spices from all around the world, he accepted different cultures and only ask to respect the house rules, that are more than fares.

For sure is not a place to party and that what makes the place even better, is a place to learn about culture, plants and history. That is the best school you can find.



Is there a more perfect place to be? Funk Lounge was by far the best place I've ever been, the staff that works there won my heart, it was certainly the best month of my life and if it were not for the visa situation I would stay forever. Certainly will be back and certainly have another wonderful time. Thanks again for that and for chose me to make the hostel shine.



  • Iniciante: Alemão e Italiano
  • Fluente: Inglês e Português


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