3BE Backpackers Bed and Breakfast

There is something for everyone here!
In short, this is how we describe our hostel and Eindhoven’s lively centre.

We are two friends, Franklin and Michel, running a beautiful hostel and making of this an extension of our lives, what means have our pets around is included; Roos our lovely dog, Mrs. No Balls an incredible black and white cat, a turtle and a bird.

Our hostel is equipped with everything our guests might need. Our own years of experience backpacking around the Netherlands and abroad mean that we know what is important when it comes to comfort and service.

Our location in the centre of Eindhoven means that everything is within easy reach. The Parktheater and the Van Abbe museum are within walking distance. It takes just 5 minutes to reach the modern centre of Eindhoven, a student area with its many shops, restaurants, bars not to mention the beautiful landscape that you meet along the way.

Take a look at our pictures in order to get a feel for the atmosphere in our hostel. And maybe you will want to become a volunteer, too.
We look forward to seeing you at 3BE!
Michel and Franklin

We are our own staff, what makes the work daily pretty busy but we always have time to spend with guests. We love to welcome travelers and help them to get the best of Eindhoven and the Netherlands` culture.


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My time in Eindhoven has been one of the greatest. The Volunteer Crew at 3BE were all amazing, easy to work with/get along with, and always energetic to have fun in the city! The bar street in Eindhoven is truly amazing :) I also traveled a lot as it was closer to take a bus/train to other cities. Huge thanks to Michel and Franklin for an amazing time at 3BE!

16 dias atrás



It was a great experience to volunteer at 3BE! The hostel is very well located, close to the city center and right in the heart of the night life of Eindhoven(which is live!) Dozens of bars and clubs!
The work is easy and the hours are flexible and respected. If you know how to respect the host's demands and be mature about them, u can have a great time! I learned a lot.

23 dias atrás



I really recommend 3BE to all the backpackers out there, willing to learn, to contribute, to be responsible, to travel around and to have a great experience. 3BE is a very nice and clean hostel, with an amazing and spacious room for the volunteers (6 beds, a living room with a couch and TV, a huge table, a balcony and plenty of space). We have a dog and a turtle in the hostel 🐕 From Eindhoven (the city), you can do day trips to Amsterdam, to Belgium and Germany, and you can also go to France, Luxembourg and London very easily (bus or train). The hosts Michel and Franklin are really cool guys!

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I am only giving a low rating because how of one of the hosts, Michel, treated me. The other host (Franklin), the accomodation, the normal workload and the other volunteers are great and I have only compliments to give. So apparently Michel chooses from time to time someone as his scape goat and this time, was me. From being rude to throwing a fit while screaming at me and even throwing an object at the wall and blocking the passageway while doing all of this. This was the breaking point for me, it was only getting worse and I colud no longer tolerate this kind of behaviour so I left sooner.

1 mês atrás

Michel respondeu

Dear Rani.....,

Just to make sure that understand what happend. When people are working, there is always a possibility for making mistakes. As you should know!!! I' am always very patient towards all of the volunteers, including to you. I always tread people with respect, so that people can learn from there mistakes. Unfortunately there is always one that doesn't learn from his/her mistakes and if that happens the person always decides to leave earlier as planed. Please don't try to blame it on me, the list of your misakes just got to long, and that is the reason that you decided to leave.
All the best.....



First of all I want to thank Michel and Franklin for de opportunity of volunteering at their hostel! 3BE is a excellent place to volunteer. The shifts are easy and quick. Cleaning shift is great, it usually takes no more than 3 hours and it's quite simple. Reception shift is quite fun because you get to meet interesting people sometimes. The volunteer room is outstanding; it's big and also private. My favorite part of the volunteering was the people I met along the way and Tory(dog). The volunteers are always friendly and helpful. Eindhoven is a great place to do day trips to different places.

2 meses atrás

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