A Quaint Olive and Sheep Farm

This opportunity would be a wonderful experience for volunteers who are seeking to grow as individuals. It is an ideal location for those looking to get in touch with nature and meet like-minded individuals. My farm is also only a 15 minute bus ride away from the beautiful seaside town of Foca. This location is also located just an hour bus ride from the big city of Izmir. Know that tasks given can be completed at a flexible schedule, with no early morning or late night work expected from volunteers. This is a wonderful opportunity to unplug and enjoy nature because I have limited access to wi-fi on my property. It can be available for basic communication purposes when necessary, but the town of Foca is just a short distance away with plenty of wi-fi cafes!

At this time, I request that COUPLES ONLY apply for this position.

My name is Umit. I was born in Turkey before spending 19 years living on the East Coast of America. I moved back to Turkey in 2005, and I now own a small sheep farm in Foca. It is currently just me managing my property, so I greatly appreciate any help I can receive. Travelers will be treated like family during their time in my home. You can expect to enjoy sharing our cultures, making and enjoying delicious meals together, and learning from each other.


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My time spent with Umit was a really lovely experience. Umit is a great host and understands his guests well. An excellent cook, he was always made sure we had plenty to eat. He also knows lots about turkeys historical and social situation, and was always keen to help us understand a bit more about the country. It is very peaceful on the farm, and while there is often lots of work to do (feeding the animals, picking olives, gardening, harvesting and repair work was what we mostly got up to!) we always had time to rest and drink Çay around the kitchen table. Thanks Umit!

3 meses atrás



My time with Umit at the farm was great.
The day started with a tee and after we prepare the food for the sheep. We repaired the roof, built up a railing, repaired some small thinks and picked Olives .
Umit is a great Cook i enjoyed it realy much. We cooked toghether and eat together every day.
It was a cool first experience as Volunteer.
Thanks a lot!
Cheers Silvio

4 meses atrás



Sharing time with Umit is very pleasant. He cooks very well and quite healthy. He always complied with the 3 meals and they were hearty. He also took care that the work time was not so exhausting. There were days of heavy work, but others quite relaxing. The best thing is to do the work early in the morning so as not to suffer the summer heat. In the room there is a small fan that helps to cool down a bit. The bathroom is private, only the shower is shared. It has chickens, 3 super loving dogs and lots of sheep that are taken out to eat in the fields. Visiting Foça is very easy and beautiful.

7 meses atrás



What an amazing an life- changing time. The farm is in a very peaceful location but also very close to the coast, beach and seaside towns. We were able to explore so much as Umit was very flexible with our the hours. The work really brings you back to nature. From having your hands in the soil, to cooking, cleaning and gardening. I learnt so much practical knowledge here and am forever grateful.
Umit, or now Abi (Turkish older brother) is truly a compassionate and caring man. He accepted me with open arms and we have shared some many laughs together.
Come and enjoy this opportunity.

8 meses atrás



For someone looking to get in touch with nature while expanding their skills; Umit’s place is the perfect opportunity. A beautiful cozy farm located in the breathtaking town of Foça! Literally everyone is helpful and friendly there, I felt at home all the time , the work wasn’t too hard though it took me few days to build some outdoors skills, nothing particularly too demanding and so much to learn , food was great and all that you might need there is adequately provided. Its been my pleasure working with Umit.

9 meses atrás

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