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Are you willing to get involved and contribute to a Yoga and sustainability project? PLEASE, ONLY APPLY if you are willing TO WAKE UP EARLY, if you are seeking TO MEDITATE EVERYDAY and to do some group reading because these practices are part of the experience we have to share with you ;) If so, COME HELP US to create ways to evolve as happy, peaceful and free human beings! Come help us to build, to plant, to water, to paint, to play, to clean, to research and to serve 😊🙏🏻🌱🌏 ______________________________________ Hello everyone! After traveling around the world and being inspired by some many wonderful people, cool projects and beautiful places on earth I came back home with this big dream of building a place where one can live close to nature and be in touch with people from every part of the world. The aspiration is that in this piece of land we can live in a balanced and creative way aiming to plant as much as we can combining and promoting the great principles and knowledge of Permaculture, the philosophical and practical guidance of Yoga and Buddhism and getting involve with the community around us trying to help this part of south of Brazil to grow in a sustainable way adopting the concepts of "Cidades mais humanas" (Cities for humans not for machines). My strategy for paying off the loan I got to get this small land is to build an Organic Hostel. I see this project not only as a way to be economically sustainable (because no matter how we wish money didn’t exist it still does) but also as a way of promoting an ecological way to host and to travel, sharing the little that we've learned so far. We hope it to be a place where more people will be able to get in touch with nature and with themselves, developing alternative ways of living starting to care more about mother nature and about being happy and healthy rather than adjusting to the system without realising that together we can change it to better. The house is made of wood and there is one private room, one 8 bed dorm and you can also camp on the yard. We have a beautiful lagoon overview, we are 4.5Km from gorgeous beaches and you can also swim in the lagoon :) THE DEAL --->16 hours of work + 30 minutes of meditation/day + 1 hour of Non Violent Communication and Buddhism study group (2 or 3 times a week). 4 hours/day 4 days per week? 2 weeks stay minimum Wake up time: 7h15 AM Meditation: 7h30 Yoga (optional): 8h Mondays and Wednesdays full class. (1h15) Other days - Sun salutation (30 minutes) Breakfast: 8h Working hours: From 8h30 to 12h30* Lunch: around 1h30 pm Study group Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm *When you practice full Yoga class you star working at 9h30am until 1h30pm Things to do? We need help with all kinds of things. We have an architectural project to make. We need help with electrical, painting, plumbery and carpentry tasks! There is a lot to do in the yard and in the vegetable garden. I'd like to find someone who could help us with the web site, with promoting Abacate in social media. We also would like to create a new logo for Abacate. We green built a dry toilet and now we want to make the final lawyer of mud and paintings. There is A LOT to do :D ! -------> Every volunteer should help CLEANING the house so just apply if you know how to do this thing OR if you are happy to learn how to do it (toilets, sink, floors, stove, etc) No frills. Everybody helps with everything but you'll be doing only what you feel comfortable doing. ABOUT THE FOOD We cook meals and do the cleaning together. We have a money box and each one of us contribute with around R$50/week. We buy fruits, vegetables, eggs, pasta, rice, beans, chickpeas, lentils, spices, sunflower oil, olive oil, flour, raw sugar, coconut milk and baking powder. Breakfast groceries each one buy their own things according to their preferences but of course we can always make some pancakes or tapiocas together whenever we feel like it. There is a cook living in Abacate and he is happy to help those who don't know how to cook since the idea is that everybody will be cooking eventually. This way we learn different recipes, different flavours, it's a time saver plus it's very fun eating together. ACCOMODATION You'll find here a nice comfy bed, with clean sheets, blankets, a clean dry towel an a lagoon view. When the dorm is fully booked we have a tent with a mattress and clean sheets to offer. We hope that energetic, open heart and minded people come to add energy, peace and love to everyone's lives :D Please, don't apply if you are just looking for a place to stay or hang out. In this case you are super welcome to come as a guest :) Volunteers get involved :D ! ! ! *Minimum 2 weeks stay. Every week we sit down and have a sincere conversation to make sure everybody is happy with the volunteering. ( We try to learn from "Non violent Communication" teachings) **Things to see near here? Many many beautiful beaches, beautiful tracking, lakes, etc. Ibiraquera is a small village but it's close from Praia do Rosa where you can find night life, restaurants with live music, cool little shops, surf and stand up paddle gears to rent, so on..! We have free wifi, lots of books, musical instruments and some dvds to lend. I am a Yoga teacher so I would be happy to offer you daily classes of Hatha and Tantra Yoga. We are also happy to have other Yoga teachers here offering classes and sharing ONE MORE THING This is a EGG LACTO VEGETARIAN place ;) We kindly ask people not to bring any kind of meat here. We also ask people not to smoke any kind of cigarettes here. No judgments, We are pro legalisation but this is part of the experience this place has to offer you. Guess thats all for now! Thanks for taking the time to read this profile and hope to hear from you! All the best! Carolina, José and Gandhi (the dog) :P

Who lives in Abacate? Currently a couple and a little dog. José, Argentino, 36, chef de cuisine. Carolina, 32, trained in psychology and a Yoga teacher Gandhi, a yorkshire who loves hiking and barking to the neighbors. About ACCOMODATION You'll find here a nice comfy bed, with clean sheets, blankets, a clean dry towel an a lagoon view. When the dorm is fully booked we have a tent with a mattress and clean sheets to offer. We hope that energetic, open heart and minded people come to add energy, peace and love to everyone's lives :D


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Muuuuito bom


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Muuuuito, mas muuuito bom :)
Fabiano é cheio de energia boa e super trabalhador!
Volta, Fabinhuuu!



I recommend the place for those who want to connect with nature, new experiences near beautiful beaches and hospitable town. The owner is pure sympathy and acceptance.


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