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We are looking for any volunteers willing to support our organization, as we know that different people from different places can be motivated and help our teachers to learn new methods of teaching and development. We are very open to an any suggestions and we are gladly willing to let our volunteers teach whatever they want to share with our pupils. In exchange for helping us, we offer our volunteers many opportunities to discover African culture. Local life. ...
Volunteers will expect to get involved in our community and help in our social programs. We are committed to provide a great cultural experience to volunteers who wish to visit us and give them opportunity to make changes in our commuities

For the best and unforgettable experience dont hesitate to apply this position

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Hello ! I am a very cheerful, lively, active and social 22-years-old boy. Eager to learn always, I like to meet people and learn from them. I was born and raised in dar es salaam Tanzania , I live with my family my mom and my sister we are very happy to welcome you to stay with us , A volunteer will stay with us he/ she will feel at home. You're warm welcome

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This was my first experience with world packers and first solo travel and I’m glad it was with Abdul!!! His place felt like home. I believe I made a new family with him and my co volunteers. This was an experience I will never ever forget and I’m definitely coming back for more!

The children are the sweetest! They never fail to put a smile on your face❤️

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I spent two weeks at Abduls house and it was a very special experience!
Abdul is very helpful and caring and his family and his friends are very nice. You get to experience a lot of the local culture. The kids in the school are the cutest! I’m sad that I didn’t stay longer. I will never forget this experience, thank you Abdul, you are the best!❤️

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This program is a MUST for everyone who wants to dive into Africa's incredible culture.
Everybody made me feel super welcome and safe from the first day! (at school and home)
Abdul is extremely kind and patient, always happy to help. He even organized for us the best safari trip and a trip to a Maasai tribe.
His mom made me feel part of the family and showed me local music and local dishes. The kids from school are super SWEET.
I loved every minute there!
I could never ask for more from a worldpacker experience! ❤️
Thank you, Abdul! See you soon!

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Abdul and his family are lovely, they welcome you and make you feel like part of the family. Abdul goes above and beyond to pick you up at any time, make you feel comfortable etc. Just keep in mind it is a rural local experience, so there’s no proper shower, the power often goes out etc. Bring toilet paper & soap. The kids at the school are great, and the teachers are lovely. Have games and songs prepared to teach the kids as you are often left alone with them

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It was a very beautiful experience; I spent a month with Abdul and his brothers, and they made me feel like I was at home. At school, the children are very fun and eager to learn, but more than that, it's about playing with them. (Note to keep in mind: most of the time, the teachers leave you alone with the children, so having activities or games prepared beforehand helps enhance the experience with them) there are other schools with volunteers near Abdul's house, he knows the other hosts, and it's possible to organize a meetup to meet more volunteers from different parts of the world.

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