We re voted as the best hostel in Belgium 2019!! Come and meet travellers from all over the world while tasting the best beers (even oir own craftbeer) in the best atmosphere! We re in the arty part of Antwerp, a lot of young people live here. So a lot of things going on, small festivals, live gigs, free yoga in the park, bbq s,....

We are travellers ourselves,... We live above the hostel with our sons. So our hostel is more like a big family. We re always here to help with wathever you need. We only take travellers as volunteers, so we remain the good vibe :) if you are a student with an EU passport, we can offer you a payed job :)


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The experience wasn't what I was expecting at all. The hostel itself is beautiful but the atmosphere can be a bit toxic when you are a volunteer there. The way the owners deal with small issues is very weird and they can be very agrresive and unrespectable. They were confused about our names very often and once the owner shouted at me for something I haven't done in the middle of the common area, later that night some guests asked me if I was okay. I didn't feel comfortable & able to be myself there, now I am volunteering again and it's a whole different experience, way better and friendly.




While the hostel facilities are fine, breakfast is very good and you get a free beer every night, I don't recommend it. You can also make some money with late check-ins and with the beers sold after happy hour, however you have to work more than 4 hours and you have to tolerate the very changing mood of the owners. They also expect you to know how to do things the way they want, without having explained it before
If you have any questions, ask me.




Mostly cleaning/housekeeping.Still, we have to do check ins without access to the reservation info.Greg is obsessive & it's hard to keep up with that. He's also rude when talking to staff.There was always something "wrong" (not donde their way).So working is tense and stressfull. We had to clean areas already clean. He came into our room "to clean" when we were out of town. Birgit asks you how you feel in front of guests, when you can't give an honest answer. After a girl left because of all that, they changed but it was still uncomfortable.Beer & choc doesn't make me forget how I was treated.




El hostel esta guay, tiene super buenas instalaciones y una cocina equipada.
Aplica acá sólo si estas dispuesto a trabajar las cuatro horas por completo. Quiero decir, que si acababas de limpiar todo antes de cuatro horas deberías buscar algo más que hacer; a los dueños no les gusta verte sentado haciendo nada, aún si ya has terminado de limpiar todo lo que han dicho. Esperan que se te ocurran las cosas sin decírtelas a veces y eso puede ser molesto.
Se puede ganar dinero pero tampoco es muuucho, a menos que tengas pasaporte europeo.
Por cada reseña de 10/10 te regalan una cerveza.


Birgit respondeu

Ow, in your app to ask me to be a superstar to write a review you said completely other things. I was so happy, now I am so sad.
Every story has 2 sides. And our stories are completely different!
Also you don t know about our agreement with students.
And yes we think everything in life you can celebrate you do:)
So a 100% review, we believe it s a good reason to celebrate :)
Unfortunately during you re time here we did not get many 100%.
Otherwise you would have noticed we also celebrate with waffles, chocolates,...
All the best! And please remember ; 2 or more sides to every story :)



The hostel is nice place where u can meet great people, the task are basic, cleaning and easy bar were u can have a great moment with guest.
It's very small hostel, To have a better experience you have to fit with the owners. The room maybe a bit small and you have to cross a guest room for that


Birgit respondeu

Hi Romain,

thanks, that s all true :)

tip: if you clean once and a while you re incredible mess a room looks bigger ;)


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