Abu Safari

Abu Safari Hostel is located in the foothills of the Golden Fort in Jaislamer, offering a beautiful rooftop restaurant with views Golden Fort of the the In Hostel Awree day many Tourist local town. We also offer Camel Safaris into the Desert for a unique experience.

My Name is Abu and I'm the owner here at Abu Safari Hostel, many different people come here to visit and explore Jaisalmer and it's surrounding desert. We need people to help us look after guests, such as responding to emails, helping in the restaurant, checking in guests and helping on the camel safari.

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I was 3 weeks in Abu Safari Hotel & Hostel. It was my first experience as worldpacker and it was a really good starting. At the first time I was "omg! what is this?" because they want you to feel home so they hug you and they are always asking you if you are good and if you feel happy. Then I understood they were like that without any other interest and day by day I came to feel more comfortable and in the end I could stay there more 3 weeks that's why I will return there in a few days. I really enjoyed my time there, everyone was really kind and helpful. I could not ask for more :D thanks Abu

2 meses atrás

Abu respondeu

hello Catarina thanks so much for help us in Hostel And camel Tour we wish you haf beautiful life


I had a great time here in Abu Hotel. My job was to fill tourist information on the government website and check the booking system and answer the reviews. I was a bit worried to stay here alone but when I arrive I noticed there was another girl from Worldpackers as well so I felt more comfortable. Because there is no woman staff here, just men... so I think if I stay alone, I think I want fell safe in the first moment. Of course, after few days I noted the guy are ok and they just have this Indian behavior. Actually, here is never empty so there are tourist everyday. Abu is very friendly.

2 meses atrás

Abu respondeu

Thanks so much for helping us Vanessa reali great gril ol way happy so much help us Happy To Meet Again Life is mama mia :)


I've been in Abu safari for a week. I'm travelling with a friend and Abu was really nice receiving both of us. He and the staff are friendly people. Actually they were asking all the time if we were having a good time or if we were happy with them. Work is not hard, the place is very clean and the food is tasty :)

3 meses atrás

Abu respondeu

Thanks so much Stefania help me in my hostel and Camel tour
she really so nice so much help me management my place. and pending on rooftop restaurant
we haf great time in Hostel and on Sand duns in Desert
I wish we meet again life is mama mia :)

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