We offer experience in hospitality and cleaning from cleaning the houses. We can also offer experience in gardening and cooking with the ingredients we harvest ourselves I love cooking big meals after a long days work

Hi I am Ken Murray I work with my son and treat all of our workers with the respect that they deserve. We hope to build an community driven atmosphere to get the most out of work with the likes of laundry folding and drying sheets on the line and in dryers are greatly appreciated .For days off We often go surfing with volunteers or plan day trips to Galway. Volunteers can expect a 9am wake up time with a 10 am start time. We ask that you cook at night in turns to try different foods and styles of cuisine every night. We will also cook for you of course (:


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My partner and I had a very good experience in Achillbills. If you want to improve your English while staying in a place surrounded by outstanding nature, this is the place for you. Although you should take into account that your accommodation will be quite small if shared with other volunteers (especially the bathroom). For us, the best part of the experience were definitely the people. We were lucky enough to meet amazing people who ended up being out friends and with whom we were always laughing. And Ken is a very good person, always worrying about whether you are happy and comfortable.

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