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Because we present each volunteer with a special field experience and opportunity to touch a life and help children to see the light. Since 2013, all our volunteers work with much passion because we give them the right tools, experiences and fun trips whenever needed. We have won several Awards because of the great team work to achieve and make an impact together.

I love to meet new people and I'm simply the friend you will want to always speak to. Our team is specially positioned and trained o make sure you feel at home even as you volunteer.

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Had a great stay with Idea Africa. The host and his family were very kind to me and very helpful in regards to helping me adapt to the culture. Working with the children was truly a blessing as many of them were so eager to learn and happy to someone foreign from them. Be ready to try some of the traditional foods but no worries because everything was delicious.

Be prepared to travel as you may be going throughout country to engage other towns . This trip was very inspiring to see Kofui Winner(host) building libraries across Ghana with relentless energy and exceptional leadership skills.

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