Ahoy Hostel

Ahoy Hostels opened 2013, we are just beginning to design our own events programme and recruit volunteers for 2019 to help with ideas and implementation. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to make their own mark on our hostel activities and help us become one of the best hostels in Prague. Ahoy Hostel is a accommodation that attracts a wide range of people from backpackers to working professionals which means you get to meet people from many walks of life (you can practice your language skills). With a central location and a fully functional hostel kitchen you will have the opportunity to develop your customer service, tour guide and cooking skills. With our hostel activities you will develop your leadership, communication and event organization skills. We believe the most interesting part of volunteering with us will be for you to bring your previous experience, fresh and new ideas to be creative and independent.

My name is Stefan and 5 words that describe me are; Enthusiastic, Energetic, Eclectic, Eccentric and Honest As an Australian from a multicultural background with experience volunteering at hostels and working in the hostel industry for 3 years, I understand different people and what is to be expected from volunteers. The hostel staff are all young internationals coming from countries such as England,USA, Costa Rica and Russia. They all have a lot of experience living and working in Prague so will help you get to know the hostel and Prague as a city. Previous volunteers who have worked for us have now become permanent staff and our whole team have become close friends. We will make sure that you are made to feel welcomed and supported.

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