Alma Mactzil

Alma Mactzil is a conscious community and retreat center, surrounded by nature's beauty in the outskirts of Tacana Volcano in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico. "Alma" means soul in Spanish and "Matzcil" means miracle in Mayan. Our mission is to help as many beings as possible find their miracle from within. We hold sacred space for spiritual practices, ceremonies, traditional medicine and co-creation through conscious community living. This style of living gives people the ability to self explore, heal, transform and grow.

My name is Lorena, I am 27 years old, born in Tapachula, and always have a smile on my face. Over the past few years, I´ve had the opportunity to live in different conscious communities in different countries. It is my mission to bring what I´ve learned to my magical center and help heal my community and those who visit us here. Some of my most memorable experiences and studies of self exploration are into the Divine Feminine, Ayurveda and Tantra by my beloved teacher Tiffanny Nicholson-Smith, serving at a yoga and meditation school, living in Lake Atitlan, studying under Keith, the chocolate shaman, exploring the void and silence into extended dark room retreats, singing and crying at kirtans, facilitating cacao and estatic dances while i was living in Thailand, attending plant medicine ceremonies, learning how to lead a temazcal ceremony, reiki and just recently rebirthing breathwork training. All of these experiences and training have been integrated into who I am and how I live each day. We are currently offering onsite a 14-day program which offers a unique blend of ceremonies, workshops, meditation, yoga, trainings, a day trip to a nearby waterfall, and more. The retreat includes Temazcal ceremonies in our on-site traditional sweat lodge, a breathwork workshop, 3 day cacao immersion experience, a 3 day silent retreat, and plant medidine ceremony. I have carefully curated this program using knowledge I have gained over years of experience, having conducted these types of ceremonies for over six years. Volunteers will help to support the retreats, maintain the space and be welcomed as members of the community. Volunteers will be offered a discount on the retreat, the discount will increase depending on how long you volunteer for. Volunteers who stay for at least three months will be offered the retreat at no cost. This is ultimately my offering to the Mystery of life. This is what I do in my daily living, my Sadhana, and my home and i'm opening it to whoever feels the calling to live in a community among nature in sacred respect for the elementals and Great Spirit.

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