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Aloha! we are Matt and Andy. Aloha and thank you for showing interest in our farm.

Before you start reading and message us, please read our profile, this is a REAL FARM, REAL WORK and we want people who are interested in learning about farming and exploring Hawai’i as a plus.

Andrea and I have been farming in this area for 9 years ( Matt 9 years and Andrea 6). For the past 3 years we have been managing a mamaki tea farm next door to the farm we recently purchased and now live on. We still currently manage the tea farm as well as run our own farm.

We are considered beginning farmers because we have under 10 years of farm experience each, we purchased our own farm in august of 2022 and in the first 6 months we produced almost 10k of food. Our goal is to be able to contribute to the food hubs-CSAs and food chain in Hawaii and reduced the percentage of food imported from the mainland ( it’s about 90%!) . Hawaii is a unique climate where we can grow food all year round. At the farm we have 4 people full time, Pete, my Dad which only speaks Spanish , Matt and I. For us the Aina (land) comes first, if we take care of her, she will take care of us, we are not certified organic but we are a non spray organically grown farm.

Ancient Valley Growers is located 20 minutes from black sands beach, 30 minutes from Naalehu and 8 minutes from the Pahala town driving.

PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE LOCATION, google us for more accuracy. We are seeking happy, drama free, hard working genuine people with integrity to help us on our new farm. As of today we have developed almost 10 acres from which 5 are planted with different vegetable like -Rainbow Carrots -brassicas (kale, cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli) -radishes -lettuces -Beans - corn -Squashes and pumkins and other cover crops We have 30 chickens and plan to have 100 to run in mobile coops.

We do not mono crop, our style of planting we like to plant different things that would help each other, kinda of like the three sisters, beans, corn and squashes. Our location its pretty unique, most of Hawaii is on a volcano and big island is the youngest island so you will see lots of rocky areas in places like Kona or Hilo, However we have lots of deep soil and it can get to 50 degrees being that our farm is at 2400 ft elevation. As of today November 2023 we are not highly developed since we moved to our new farm in August of 2022 and we are creating this farm from the bones up. (since 2022 we got a grant to rebuild a 5k sq ft barn and increased our production by a 30% higher).

However in this short time we have produced quite a bit of food in a small space. We have been on the wwoof site for 7 years and we have experience with work traders and wwoofers from different parts of the world.

The reason we are on Wwoof is because we want to teach the new generations about food, soil health and how to be a homesteaders, when you come to our place you will be able to disconnect from the stress of the city, pollution and be able to breathe the fresh air of the mountains and connect with the earth.

Please be aware if you leave the position before the dates agreed we will mark your stay as a no show, so please verify your dates and be respectful of a farmers time. Clear communication is a must, we plan 3 months ahead on people coming to our farm.

Living accommodations: The living quarters are on the lower level of the main house on the farm. There are 5 separate private rooms, each with queen or single beds and basic furniture. Living quarters can be shared among 2 people (friends) or one couple. Sometimes (rarely) we will ask you to share a room and we will ask 5 hours less per week of you because you are giving up your privacy. (Sharing will be with someone your same gender) high speed Internet at the main house is available We have a living room area with a TV available and dinning area. House is on grid power not solar yet 2 Hot shower areas available , one inside one outside our water supply is the best on the big island and we are pretty lucky to have this amazing resource. Kitchen: There is a shared kitchen with a stove, long farm style sink , and all dishes needed to cook. We have an oven upstairs that everyone is welcome to use if they want to bake.*If you have GF allergies or nuts I'm sorry this is might not the right farm for you. *We do not have a microwave. For applying for our farm you need the basic skills of knowing how to cook your own meals, be able to keep a shared space clean, do your own laundry and be able to wake up early as 7 am. Workdays start at 8 am. READ CAREFULLY, WE ONLY provide Flour for baking including baking soda and baking powder or making anything with wheat. Meat Wild pork which we hunt and process in house. White Rice, sugar, Oatmeal, salt and pepper oils for cooking fruit (citrus) and any veggies (carrots, lettuce, beans, radishes, taro) from the farm that mentioned before. We also provide some cleaning supplies like simple green, bleach, and dish soap . -We offer one to two rides per month to costco located in Kona (2 hours from us). We will pick you up from and back to the airport. -We can bring you and pick you to the Bus stop located in Pahala 8 minutes from us, just we ask for you to schedule ahead the times with us. Please check route 90 for more info. -Shower/bathroom/laundry room: This room is separate from the main house, about 15 feet away from the living quarters. There is 2 showers and 1 toilet available, we just ask you to be respectful of other people things, This area also has a furo (Japanese soaking tub). There is also an outside shower right outside of this area. We ask all Wwoofers/Volunteers to take turns each week to clean the common areas like bathroom, kitchen and living room/ -We do not provide toiletries( Toilet Paper, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, body soap) . -Outside of the main house is a covered common area with a picnic table and cement bbq. Please note! We do not want people who are attempting to "find" themselves. However we do encourage people who are trying to find a better sustainable life style. By this we mean we want you to come here with a plan. If you are floating through life this is not the farm for you. We will try to go on an educational adventure once per month if time provides, However, we encourage you to go and explore the island on your own using the bus schedule or hitchhiking. Please take the time to thoroughly read all of our profile. 2 professional references are required. Please add this when you message us. Due to past experiences, we required a minimum age of 21. If you are younger than 21 and you would like to apply please don't get discouraged, you could apply but we would need to speak with one of your parents and a signing where it says you won't drink or do any drugs during your stay with us. We ask a minimum of a 4 weeks stay. What you will learn- -Entire vegetable process of over 15 different main stay vegetables. - How to harvest and process mamaki tea. -All tools required to run a farm, from how to swing a hammer to how to operate a farm tractor (if we feel you are capable and ready). Tractor use is only for long term stays. The tractors are the lifeblood of our farm and need to be taken extremely seriously. What to bring: A headlamp, A good sweater(yes it gets chilli at night time) and hiking or working boots rain-gear Not fancy clothing. Bring clothes that you will be ok to get dirty and stained. Towel (we recommend a microfiber one) and pillow or you can buy one once you are in Island. Toiletries basics like toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper and soap. Please be aware you will be working on a farm so dress properly for it, meaning jeans or work pants and t-shirts or we can take you to the thrift store to get the proper clothing. We are happy to teach you everything you want to learn, from planting to cooking, construction, electrical, plumbing, shooting and hunting, cleaning wild game, and so much more. For safety of all people and animals living at the farm we have certain rules in place, like not taking others personal belongings, no drama, no drugs, communication is the key, as per legal reasons and past experiences we have a no dating at the farm with coworkers or tinder dates to be allowed in the farm, I'm sorry but we had pretty bad experiences and we just want to keep our farm drama free, if you come with a partner ill ask that your couples disagreements don't affect your work or the vibe among other wwoofers. Our farm is our home and our business and is unique to most peoples experience of an occupation. We Do NOT require covid vaccination. *We have poultry in House, as for laying hens and meat chicken and we ask people to take care of them, like giving them water, food, changing their bedding, and moving them from one house to other ones. If you are a US citizen we have paid tea harvesting work next door at there other farm we manage. We ask volunteers to help us once a week harvesting and this works gets paid.


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My experience at Ancient Valley Growers was great — if you’re interested in seeing how a working farm runs, this is a perfect opportunity. The work consisted mostly of harvesting, weeding + taking care of the chickens. 7-8 hour days (Mon-Wed) depending on the tasks, mamaki harvests on Thurs.+ quick 30ish minutes of mamaki packaging on Fridays. Audrey, the farm manager, is extremely helpful and welcoming, it was great to work alongside her most days. The area itself is stunning. I loved going for walks + cooking with produce from the farm. So many great memories. Thank you Matt and Andrea!

9 meses atrás

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Andy and Matt provide such an amazing experience! They truly treat you like family and I’ve learned so much about farming, animals and sustainable living. They are such great people to get to know and I will hopefully be returning in the future! This was a great first Worldpackers experience and would recommend it 1000x !!

10 meses atrás

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I’ve had such a good experience at Andy & Matts farm.
It’s farm work so expect to work. I learned loads about farming & although the work can be hard in the sun it was worth it for the weekends off.
Basic necessities are provided - flour, rice, pasta.
Toiletries are not provided so remember your own toilet paper etc.
Getting around can be kind of hard as it’s pretty remote, but i didn’t have any issues catching rides to the bus stop with prior notice given, and catching rides to the cities if people are heading that.
I also made some great friends here :)
Id recommend.

11 meses atrás

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The farm is beautiful and Andy/Matt are very knowledgeable/passionate about sustainable farming. It’s farm work, so it’s hard & some days feel longer than others.. It’s VERY rural and it’s hard to explore - the buses are unreliable (late/no show) and there’s limited flexibility with being dropped off/picked up from bus stop so be prepared to have to hitchhike when stranded. There were good moments & bad due to travel/living challenges and diff expectations..Thankful in the end for coming bc I have definitely done a lot of living and learning!

12 meses atrás

Andrea respondeu

Thanks Mia for the review,

In our profile we mentioned about our location and ask for people to google us for more accurate location.

Also our handbook is given prior of you guys coming and ask for 1 day minimum heads up for being pick up and drop off from the bus.

We just ask anyone to be back before 7 pm since last bus get to pahala at 635 pm and next one at 930 pm and we are in bed by then.

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Andy & Matt were very welcoming hosts that made me feel like family! I stayed in a comfortable private room, and the common room area/kitchen had everything I needed. The work was as described. I learned a lot about planting, harvesting, sustainability, and taking care of animals. The dogs and cats are very friendly, and I enjoyed learning how to take care of all the chickens. I had fun being able to experience the process of harvesting veggies, cleaning them up, and then being able to cook farm to table dishes with them. Had fun exploring on weekends. Overall an amazing learning experience!

1 ano atrás

Andrea respondeu

Awww come and visit again we miss you!

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