ARVI SPECIAL SCHOOL for People with Disability

• Enthusiasm
• Willingness to work with intellectually disabled children
• Patience with the children and teacher
• Creativity
• Cultural sensitivity as you’ll be living in the rural Tamil Nadu
• Willingness to put the children’s needs over oneself

The ARVI Management is coordinating all the different projects, schedules and conducts weekly team meetings, plans events, and spreads knowledge about the ARVI in Social Media and other networks. If you choose to work for the management you will be responsible for documentation, writing proposals for new funding opportunities, or helping to design flyers, posters, or other promotional materials. Volunteers will be mainly working on their own and therefore have the opportunity to be creative and include their own ideas in their work.


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I felt a good bond with the teachers and students. Many of the students participated in ball games like toss and catch, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. They also responded well when I played uke and sang for them.

My host, Auviili, was great about making sure I got 3 meals a day and taking me to the bus station.

I loved the send off I got

The bed I slept on I believe is typical of beds in India but but a steel bench with a thin pad was hard for me to get much sleep on. The only window that had a screen was in my room so mosquitos came in even with the door shut.

5 meses atrás



I really enjoyed the days spent here at World for the opportunity given to me to stay and gain a remarkable experience.The work activities are simple.I had the opportunity to help around in many ways -Planting and rearing cows and watering the plants etc.And the host took special care of me and provided all my needs . Mr.Ramachandran the host is a very intelligent person. I would like to thank him for the heartiest welcome given to me and treated me well. I would definitely recommend this place to stay and move with the people to gain a valuable experiences.

10 meses atrás



This volunteer experience was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and interesting experiences of my life.
The Arvi Family has welcomed me from the beginning as one of the team, offering me a comfortable home and food. The perfect working hours, and free weekends to visit beautiful places.
The children at school are adorable and you end up loving them, although you must be patient. You can develop activities with them and help them improve their abilities, together with the co-workers, the teachers who are charming and always willing to help.
In short, an unforgettable experience

11 meses atrás

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