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Our fight to save strays around the town of Calatafimi Segesta in Sicily started 17 years ago with just a single dog but as the years went by, the number of dogs in need of help increased significantly. In 2015, we officially started the only dog refuge in Calatafimi, and since then saved more than 1000 homeless, abandoned, and abused dogs. Most of them have been happily adopted since and are living in their forever homes. We are still in touch with all of them.

But sadly after every dog who gets adopted comes many more due to the lack of sensibility and sterilization. We are struggling to keep up and give them all the care they deserve, to feed and pamper them.

Our mission is to provide medical services and safe shelter for our abandoned friends. Our group of international and Italian volunteers have strong adoption programs to ensure that we find loving and secure homes for as many of them as we can, but this can take a long time and we don't have the capacity to do it on our own. This is why we are asking for your help!

Accommodation is coed, in a simple and rustic little cottage that the volunteers have for themselves. It has a small loft-bit and séparés around the beds, so privacy is limited. It's right below the main house and in the middle of the shelter (the enclosures of the dogs are close by), in the middle of nature. There are plenty of things to do in your free time too! Sicily has a rich culture and history, not to mention all the breathtaking nature to explore and amazing foods to try. Our shelter is located just outside the town of Calatafimi Segesta in the province of Trapani in western Sicily, with good access to the area. Without a car, it is difficult to be completely independent, but we are happy to give you a lift to the nearest bus- or train station whenever we can. From there, it's only up to you what you choose to discover on your days off! As for buying groceries, we go to the supermarket a few times a week by car so everyone can get their shopping done.

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I truly wished I had a different experience. The dogs are amazingly taken care of and you will be able to connect with them as much as you like. But, I do not recommend this experience. They put in charge 2 girls that were almost as new as me. They were doing their best but cried out of stress some nights trying to figure out how to get everything done in the hours that we were supposed to work. The work is hard but you dont mind it, its for the doggies. I never worked 5 hours, there was always something extra to be done and you were never asked to do it, they assumed you wanted to work extra.

12 dias atrás

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As our unfortunate exchange shows, if you're looking for a free holiday or a place to cuddle puppies, our shelter is not the place for you. This is quite clear from our profile, which we usually assume people who apply to help us read before applying. This, sadly was not the case for Nicole. From the beginning it was clear she was mostly looking for a free bed and did not care much about dogs, or contributing to the work we do. She even seemed surprised that the work involved in taking care of them was physical and required attention to detail.
As written in our description (and probably could even be guessed), life at a shelter can be hectic and beside the 5 hours we sometimes ask volunteers to help with ad hoc tasks like giving medicine or going to the vet. Again, since we're lucky enough to almost always host people who read our profile, this has never been a problem before.
We truly wished we had a different experience too, but spending most of your time attached to your phone, clearly not interested in doing much or building any meaningful connections with the dogs just doesn't work at a place like ours where everyone tries to give their best.



My volunteering experience was absolutely amazing! Nelly and Franco are wonderful hosts, they put so much love into this place. They always treated us like family, and if we needed to go somewhere, Franco was always ready to take us. The work itself is very physical, however, very rewarding! I will especially miss Zack who always wanted to play fetch or he'd spill a bucket of water to get our attention 😅❤️. The accommodation is simple and yet it's great. Living in the middle of nowhere surrounded by beautiful nature and dogs just brings peace to the soul. I will definitely be back soon!

23 dias atrás



I stayed for five weeks at the rifugio and this experience was just amazing. Nelly and Franco are two of the most amazing human beings I have ever met who give all their love, time and resources to those dogs. And so did I. It fulfilled me more than anything , thaught me responsibility and simply made me the most happiest I have ever been. The work is demanding but more than that: rewarding. I already miss all dogs, sitting on the terrace with nelly, driving to calatafimi with franco and the sunday dinners which made this truly feel like family. This is not a good bye, it's a see you soon!

27 dias atrás

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Words cannot describe how much I loved this experience. It was a pleasure to collaborate with Nelly & Franco as part of their project to care for the wellbeing of the dogs at their shelter. They put their heart and soul into this place to ensure the dogs are well cared for.
They each have their own special and unique personalities which you will discover in your time here, and so much love to give ♥️
During my time here the highlights were walking them, giving lots of cuddles, Sunday lunch with Nelly & Franco, enjoying the beautiful views and meeting amazing people! Grazie mille 🙏

29 dias atrás



Durante 3 semanas eu vivi 3 meses! O objetivo da ONG é lindo, e o cuidado que eles tem com os animais é inspirador… Os anfitriões Nelly e Franco são pessoas muito queridas!!! Os dogs são incríveis e muito dóceis e cheios de amor! O lugar é lindo com paisagens maravilhosas e o trabalho é adaptável. Voltei querendo ficar mais tempo, mas infelizmente sem poder. Com certeza eu retorno!

29 dias atrás

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