ATYLA Ship Foundation

At ATYLA you will learn skills applicable to all aspects of life; not only handy skills during the physical maintenance, but also through living together with other volunteers of all kinds of backgrounds, languages, motivations, etc. We give you the chance to learn about an antique form of building and living, to explore a new city, and to make lifelong friends along the way! Sail the following season and begin your sailors career!

You will be part of a family that works to maintain their home. We treat each other equally, although we understand some needs more guidance than others. Although we'd like you to be responsible and have a "see the work" kind of attitude, there will always be someone to guide you through your work, some of the volunteers return every year to help and support us with the knowledge they already have. It's also up to you how much you learn! Our cook will make you happy providing warm lunch and dinner every day! In exchange for your work you will receive 3 meals per day, your own bunk in a shared cabin, free days to explore and a fun and multi-cultural environment. Knowing the ship and the crew, and being able to sail next year after your stay, you may be able to become part of the volunteer crew!

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