Axis Mundi

You will be guided through every step of the process by project leader and multi award winning artist and performer Thierry learning new skills and abilities along the way from a wide breadth of disciplines, encompassing hands on arts and crafts, wearable art construction, preservation methods for organic materials, performing arts, stage presence, energy focusing skills, philosophy, meditation, emotional intelligence, cooking and dynamic living while sharing your existing knowledge and skills with us. You will also be able to enjoy a deeply peaceful house and land set on several acres of nature reserves, pasture land and edible gardens with some of the most spectacular walks and wilderness in Devonshire county. We are located in a very peaceful and picturesque valley with a river running right through the land and gardens.

Axis Mundi is a conscious community, arts centre and personal development project aiming to provide opportunity, sanctuary and support for individuals on a path of research and growth. OUR AIMS ARE: To create and manifest a paradigm for the world we want to live in and the world humanity needs to prepare for alongside deep resonating thinkers and feelers. To provide a platform for enriching, supportive exchanges and educational opportunities amongst ourselves and reaching to the wider world. We believe this can be achieved in an environment promoting clear communication, individuality, kindness and respect for each other in a setting where nature can thrive fully, teaching and supporting us in the process. To collectively learn how to reconnect with nature, ourselves and each other, reaching our higher self, following its wisdom, carving our personal life path through deep healing while refining and enriching our creative gifts. Much of our current creative output currently goes towards Timebomb Theatre, a grassroots, multimedia theatrical company delivering cathartic and otherworldly ritual performances to 21st century audiences. The company’s focus is based around working with nature, highlighting environmental causes and healing the rift between the natural world, spirituality and humanity through wearable art interventions and spectacular performances.Timebomb Theatre is a deeply engaging and committed group of individuals rallying for ecological and social justice and whose work also supports a small homeless project in central London (The Outside Project)


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