Balkan Youth Eco Village

The Center for Sustainable Development and Green Economy organizes an inter-personal working camp in Ravno Village near Vrbas from 11th to 21st of May 2018 in two shifts. Friends of nature, the goal of this initiative is the construction of the Youth Ecological Village or facilities made up of various natural and recycled materials for the organization of training in the field of environmental protection, starting a business, organic food production, writing project proposals and project management, association, but also the exchange of experiences and completion of ideas from said and other areas. Participation is free, so invite all friends of nature, to build together a better and greener society.

The camp is educational and lasts 9 days, with accommodation in tents and food (3 meals per day). The main idea will be to build multifunctional objects using the most sustainable methods. These facilities will be at disposal of the educational camp. Volunteers will gain practical and useful knowledge in construction using natural and recycled materials, writing project proposals, team management, organization of construction projects and fundraising for projects. Those who are involved in the construction will have the right to accommodation each following year, which will create connections between young people and mark the beginning of the construction of an international network/community of people around this model of sustainable educational exchanges/youth camps from around the world.

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