Baroque Hostel

Our place is a really friendly and cozy hostel to stay in Budapest, it's close to Citypark and Széchenyi Spa, yet not too far from the living inner districts of Budapest. We created a design and artistic place, with a very cozy decoration and lots of day light. The building is one hundred-years old house. You'll meet guests from around the world, mostly peaceful and kind travelers. We have a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook anytime you want. We also have a garden for your relaxing moments, read a book or even get together with other guests to enjoy the sunlight. We hope your stay will be the beginning of a long lasting friendship!

The team is friendly and is only the manager and the receptionist. We help each other daily to keep the place cozy, tidy and shiny. :) We are looking forward to have Backpackers as our new mates at the hostel.

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