Beacon of Hope Uganda

Beacon of Hope Uganda is a community based ethical and responsible volunteer travel humanitarian service and rural development organization founded in 2006. We offer affordable outstanding tours and safaris for volunteers and tourists alike combined with meaningful volunteering projects in Uganda. We are very flexible and we have a number of outstanding meaningful volunteer projects. If you are looking to do something more meaningful on your holiday then Beacon of Hope Uganda is the right answer. BoHU recruits volunteers for locally-run community, conservation, teaching, health care, building and sports projects around Uganda

We have an experienced staff working with volunteers from different backgrounds, we are a small family, meaning, we get time to know you and understand exactly what your skills are and areas of interest.

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Cuidar de crianças Trabalho social Ensinar esportes Ensinar idiomas

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Cuidar de crianças Artes Trabalho social Ensinar esportes

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