Big Island

Come To The Big Island and Enjoy Life Near the Beach. Do you like working outside? Are you interested in learning new skills? Do you like painting, grounds keeping, renovating or working with your hands? Then check out our opportunity on the Big Island of Hawaii. Currently we need volunteers to help renovate rooms and apartments. For your labor you get: :-) *All-you-can-eat**delicious**, free food *free accommodations *free transportation to and from the airport *fun community activities and *frequent inexpensive ($5 to $15) island tours All of this happens in a fun, active community within walking distance of the beach, shops, restaurants, and tourist activities. Come to the Big Island of Hawaii and enjoy Life at It's Best! There are beautiful beaches, fantastic waterfalls, a rain-forest, a mountain and even an active volcano to explore. Email me if you are interested and I will send you further information about this wonderful opportunity. So, if you love Hawaii, and want to be a part of a young, thriving, fun community, then join our team. You can volunteer anywhere from 2 weeks to a few months .

Min stay 2 weeks Max stay up to a couple of months You get: FREE---all you can eat----**delicious** food Comfortable accommodations Lots of fun organized activities to participate in Regular (inexpensive $5 to $15 island tours), Beautiful beaches, Fantastic waterfalls A rain-forest A mountain............ and…………… an active volcano on the island

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