Blessed Children's Hope Foundation.

Our Organization reaches and touches Poor children, abandoned children and poor starving families in the community. As a non-profit organization our priority is to improve the living condition of the community through provision of support ,loving and caring in the form of education, feeding programs, empowerment, recreational activities, health care, clean water and Biblical Resources. Our interventions are based on the understanding and appreciation that community needs cannot be separated from general needs of children and therefore responses have been developed as part of broader based community initiatives through delivering support, care and guidance to families that are directly affected and make contributions to community based actions through uplift and support.

We are based on the following guiding principles: -We are responsive to the needy. -We value education, health and food to all as equal opportunity. We are partners of development. -We are guided by God given principles. -We are ambassadors of hope. -Based on our area of expertise, Our contribution is most effective when we all concentrate on areas directly related to impacts of the work in the community:-we are committed to accurate measurement and reporting of the value of social investment,the benefits it generates to communities and its long term effectiveness in meeting the community needs.

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