Blessed Children's Hope Foundation

Our Organisation widely reaches disadvantaged children and families in the community. Our priority is to improve
support, love and care through provision
of education, health care, clean water, feeding, recreation activities and self-sufficient projects .

Core Values:

We are guided  by the following principles:

-We are ambassadors of hope.
-We are responsive to those in need.
-We value education, health and fighting hunger for all as equal opportunity.
-We are partners of development.


•Developing initiatives such as education support, agriculture, micro-finance, health care, sports and adding value to existing efforts designed to strengthen community
•Increasing awareness of diseases such as HIV/AIDS among the community
•Providing guidance to children and their families
•Equipping the community with skills for life.

We are cool and humble people who loves to meet new people and learn new things. We really look forward to visitors coming, we are always so excited to host volunteers! We want to learn new ways of impacting lives and hear your ideas of how we can encourage and support each other in a more tangible way. You are welcome here! Remember: We do charge € 10 daily for food,water and accommodation (you will be provided 3 meals a day) .Also you will be taught on how to cook kenyan Food.You will be staying in our mission house next to the project which means,you will not be walking far just next block.For the pickup ,I always do myself and I do charge up fee of € 50 and our project is 6 hrs away from the airport(Incase of dropping after end of your trip ,you have to pay another € 50).We are actually towards the most known safari park MAASAI MARA ,and this will be added advantage for you during the trip to our site..We can also arrange the 3 safari day upon your request. You will be amazed to see different communities,cities and how people live. ADVICE: at school, resources are limited, so you will have to adapt with what they have. It’s sometimes challenging but you’ll always find a way. WE ASK THAT ALL VOLUNTEERS SUPPORT OUR WORK BY FUNDRAISING FOR BCHF AND THIS WILL HELP US ON ONE OF OUR APPEALING PROJECTS! We will appreciate and thanks very much for considering any way you can support our Project.Always you're welcome to bring in your own ideas as we value them a lot.

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It was a wonderful experience; the children are fantastic, always with a smile, truly kind. Andrew's family was super helpful and took care of us. Thank you for this experience, and it's beautiful to be able to contribute to helping this great family

14 dias atrás



It was an absolutely lovely experience! The kids were all smiles, so kind and loving. Andrew was always there, taking care of everything we needed. His family was incredibly welcoming, making us feel like part of their own. Thank you so much for this unforgettable time! It will forever hold a special place in my heart.

14 dias atrás



My experience was unique and I recommend it to everyone who wants to spent a couple of weeks meeting new people, having great conversations, being part of a different world for a while. Andrew was very kind and helpful, he picked me up from the airport and gave me some instructions for the next days. The best part of my trip was undoubtedly the time I spent with all these adorable kids who taught me more than I ever could have taught them. The only drawback for me was some cleaning issues in the house, however it was minor compared to all the things that this experience can offer to you.

21 dias atrás



It was the best experience in my life so far. Everybody is so kind, the family is amazing. We could be involved into the culture on a high level. The kids are adorable and the school needs a bit more hands so please everybody should be a part of this experience.

27 dias atrás



It is an amazing and unique experience; to everyone that wants to help the kids and has a clear idea of why they’re going there I definitely recommend! I really enjoyed spending time with the kids and the connections I made with the boys that live there, I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. You can really make a difference and help. You also need to know that you’ll face some hardships *food/accommodation wise* but at the end of the day, because of how happy you’ll be with the kids they’ll just become minor.

29 dias atrás

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