BnB & Huskytours in Sweden

You can learn a lot about life in such a harsh condition above the polar circle. And you can also learn everything about my huskies if you are interested. In your free time, you will be able to join a tour or even drive a dog sledge on your own for free.
The happy dogs that love to cuddle are the best reward for your work.

I'm a nature guide with a pack of around 40 Alaskan huskies, living outside Kiruna in the North of Sweden with my dogs and touristic company (started it around 4 years ago). I usually have about 3-4 helpers during winter. In summer 1-2. We usually eat dinner all together and take turns in preparing them. Otherwise, the kitchen is always open and the fridge full ;)


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3 months at the Huskyfarm and it was a good experience with lots of impressions. You have to work independently and efficiently because everything else wouldn’t work. Be strong in communication and don’t be afraid to ask many times. Be organized and good at cleaning and fixing things. Be good and strong with dogs. This is no 8:00-2:00 job- this is a full time job and responsibility (you have breaks in between) but if there is a night tour you can’t say “I worked my hours already”.
If you’re like me/this then you’ll have many beautiful moments with the dogs and the team. Thank you 🙏🏼

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The dogs are all adorable, you will immediately fall in love with them and you manage with the cold weather since you can find all equipment there. You take care of the dogs, clean the kennels and prepare the BnBs. Personally I found the atmosphere in the house quite harsh, it felt like working hours are not respected and in the beginning tasks were fairly distributed but as the time went by, the work load became quite unfairly divided. Groceries are provided but you do not have complete freedom of choice. It’s a great experience and it would be totally recommended if it was well organised.

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Sonja respondeu

Surprising review with quite distorted perception. During this time we had not more than 4 hours of daily routine work which you could divide to 3 helpers. All the additional work on the todo-list we gave you helpers the freedom to decide freely when you want to do what and talk to each other to make a plan. Usually helpers appreciate if they have this freedom and that we are not controlling every move. But well, it seems now that you would have needed more guidance. How should we know if you never say something. We never asked you to work more hours than agreed and we don't think you did. That you had no complete freedom about groceries is just nonsense. We had a shopping list which was free to anyone to write what they like. Well, maybe we said to take car of the price a bit, but who wouldn't? We are not a five star hotel with gourmet food. Completely incomprehensible that comment and also that you never talked about any of the issues with us whilst you have been here.

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I truly had an amazing experience at Husky Dreams, even to the last day I was still learning about the dogs and the job. That's a lot of work to be a volunteer there but it's rewarding thousandfold.
I learned to care for dogs, drive a sled and a snowmobile, saw many auroras and had so much fun !
The hosts are very friendly and open to trust you and your judgements once you proved yourself.
The place is quite isolated so it may not be for everyone but it made for a nice retreat in my case.

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It was an unique experience like no other, being able to work with that many dogs, trying many new things such as dog sledding, driving a snowmobile, watching amazing auroras, meeting really nice people (hosts and volunteers) is something that I had never imagined in my life.
I've been 2 months living and working there and Per and Sonja were always really kind to me, and I take with me many great memories of them!
I would totally recommend this experience!
Thank you guys for everything!

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I truly had an amazing experience and I’m so sad to leave ! Being here help me reconnect with myself, nature and be confortable around dogs ! I was scared of dogs before doing this trip but I really wanted to do it, I’m glad because now my fear of dogs is gone, and I have all of theses memories that I will keep forever !
I had the chance to experience dog training and auroras ! Sonja (the host partner) is truly a great person ! U can really trust them and they trust u completely.
The other volunteer are so nice !
I had so much fun and with the dogs !
100% recommend this experience

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