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Taking care of dogs can help you to understand the dogs' behaviour and gain experience in handling them. There are daily activities for dogs such as beach swimming and dog run.

Hello we are a family working in a home based dog boarding centre and looking for volunteers to play with dogs and look after them during the outings such as going to beach and dog run parks. Volunteers will be staying in our house that has 5 bedrooms. It is a shared bedroom that come with aircon and strong wifi. U will have access to anywhere in the house and there is a food centre just 5 mins away if u would like to check out our local food. All meals will be provided for our volunteers usually the spicy sour dishes with rice. We will also supply bus card to access our local buses or transportation to explore our city. If u are lazy to go out, we can watch netflix together. At times we have bbq parties... What are our daily work like? - bringing the dogs to the beach for swimming, looking after them and swimming with them. - bringing the dogs to dog run parks to run and meet other dogs, running and playing with them, ensuring safety - walking the pack of dogs - showering the dogs - cleaning after their poo and pee in the house and at the park or beach - playing with dogs - observing their socialisation with other dogs, making sure no fights and safety - taking care of their meals We urgently need volunteers who can help us out with the beach outings, dog run outings, home monitoring and pack walks. The beach outings are on Monday - Thursday usually 8am - 12pm noon (unless bad weather). Dog run usually Friday - Sunday 830am - 12pm noon. Home monitoring and pack walks - 5-9pm. You are only required to help us out 5 days a week (especially mon-thurs) 5 hours a day. If you are a dog lover and would love to help out spending time with dogs and love to explore Singapore without spending much, this is the place for u! - do note that we require your full commitment when looking after the dogs as some dogs are dominating or defensive and may injure other dogs or even people. We will guide u along the way and usually Worldpackers will handle easy dogs. - do take note typically a tourist can stay not more than 30 days under SG custom law. - all European Union citizens can stay 90 days.

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