Bodhi house organization

You as a worldpackers volunteer will experience during your stay your privacy in an own room. But you will also experience the traditions and company and joy of a family, as I live with little Risa (4 years old), Rashni (7 years old) and Lala (14 years old). You will also taste the delicious home made traditional food from Bihar which my lovely mom cooks every day.

This is the project you will join: We’re a non-profit organization working for the betterment in of the underprivileged. We work to provide child quality education in rural India. We started with a one hundred student school and now expanded to a 400 student school in Kanari Village, about 10 minutes ride from home. The more hands we join working for the project the closer we get to the dream of giving this children quality education and changing their future. That’s why we need your help.

The idea is that volunteers help in the school as teachers, helpers or builders. They can organize and arrange their own projects depending on what their skills are.

This is Mohit, the older of 4 children privileged to be born and raised in BodhGaya, one of the most important holly places in India where Buddha got enlightened. Since I am 14 years old it became my mission to help children and poor people, so au committed with this dream and has filled my hart since then. You are welcome to live in the village, experiencing real life in India; eating in family homes, learning hindi, visiting the local tourist spots (bodh gaya is the place where budha got enlightenment, so there are many places of interest) and getting to know about our culture and rituals. They will be treated as part of the family and they will get to celebrate weddings, birthdays and other celebrations with us. What else ... Sujatha village (Bakrour) is right next to Bodh Gaya. If you decide to join us we can help you rent a scooter for very cheap price or we can provide you transport for free in our scooter (picking you up and dropping you off when necessary). We will take you to many monasteries, buddha statues and other activities in the area


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