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Boho Hostel Malta is located in a Villa and Garden in St Julians, just a ten minute walk from Balluta Bay and the Sliema beaches, which makes it a welcome break from the busy city center and a wonderful home to come back to. We love travelling, and being big hostel fans ourselves, we understand what they’re all about. This is why we’ve created a comfortable place you can call ‘home’ while you’re in Malta; the type of spot that has that good old-fashioned hostel atmosphere; a place large enough to respect your space and freedom, yet small enough to remain cosy and intimate; one where you check-in as a guest and leave as family. Events are organised regularly (depending on season and weather-permitting) and include our famous hostel BBQS, where you can mingle and make new friends. So kick off your shoes, crack open a beer and let’s get that BBQ started! ARE YOU A BOHO? Even though highly sociable and a fantastic place to meet and interact with other travellers, Boho Hostel prefers lightweights over heavy drinkers, hippies over holiday-makers, wine over whisky and backpackers over party-goers. In other words, Boho is not a party hostel and caters for the more seasoned traveller. ABOUT MALTA Malta may be small in terms of size, but it’s huge in versatility and a haven for travellers. Small yet stunning, the tiny island of Malta (316 sq km, comprising the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino) attracts visitors from all walks of life the world over. Whether you’re visiting because you’re intrigued by its history or you’re simply after lazing about on the honey-gold beaches all day, Malta is sure to put, and keep, a smile on your face. Delight in the island’s prehistoric temples and baroque architecture, be seduced by Gozo, feast on a fenkata (rabbit stew) and a can of Cisk, be startled by the sudden and noisy fireworks of a nearby festa, or simply sit back and watch the rattling busses and colourful fishing boats go by. Pick a random shabby bar near the ocean, where Bob Dylan plays on repeat and watch the people gather for barbecues as the sun beings to set. Live the energy of these beautiful islands! Few places can stimulate and relax your senses at the same time in the same way Malta does.

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