Bonjour backpackers………….. Do you want to stay with a host in southern France where you can: practice both French and English (Both languages are spoken here) maybe see a StrongMan Demonstration and experience wonderful French culture? Then this is the place for you! This friendly, welcoming, international community combines fun, food, fellowship and awesome music with teaching English, and helping the local community. Hospitality, happiness and live music all thrive here. Visitors who stay help out the community by: Doing construction, preparing meals, doing maintenance, French/English translation, landscaping, gardening, housekeeping, office work, etc. Dates for accommodations are flexible. Reviews: "We felt so welcomed and loved there. We would have liked to have stayed longer. We hope to return in the near future". -Jan "Absolutely love it here! Very welcoming, homey atmosphere. Very peaceful ... place of refuge"! -Beth

Housing is in a 400-year Chateau in the Cevennes Region of South France. Located: One hr. drive from the National Park of Camargue, and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea Two hr. drive from Marseille, France...... For further information please email me: who you are..... your interests/skills..... and...... what dates you are available...... NOTE: No documents are provided for backpackers. For more information on how to obtain the necessary visas to visit France, please contact the French embassy. No help, letters or visa assistance will be given. It is your responsibility to determine the appropriate visa for your visit to France.

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