Cafe Helllebaek

We are an integrative community that is based around 2 social institutions working with young adults (16+) that present social and emotional challenges, anxieties and/or eating disorders. In our community (we call it the Social Village) we are volunteers, interns, pedagogues, teachers, employees (such as the cook, maintenance team etc....). The Social Village lives and shares certain common areas together with our students thus creating an environment that reflects a great variety of people. We are neighbors, friends, mentors and support to the students that live in our institutions. The Social Village takes care of the practicalities and program, such as cleaning, cooking, cozy evenings, dinner parties etc. Much like a home and family, were everyone has their tasks... On top of that, we are located right at the beach and run a little ice Cafe which opens every summer season. We are selling ice cream, coffee and cake. The goal of the cafe is not to make a lot of money (at the moment it covers its costs), but to include and involve our students as much as possible. We want to give them the possibility of a real job experience, making contact to people outside our community, of contributing and of feeling important and relied upon. They gain new skills and gain confidence in them selves. All this in a safe space with familiar faces and a known environment.

1. As a worldpacker at our Cafe you would work 3 days a week and be off for the rest of the week, so there is plenty of time to travel and see the country and Europe. 2. You would gain experiences in working with people that have social and emotional challenges and learn how to see their potentials and support them in gaining more confidence and new skills. 3. you would live with us as part of the social village and experience community live in a professional environment with people from all over the world sharing work, live and passions.

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