When you volunteer with us, you will receive housing in the center of Buenos Aires. This will allow you to access everywhere in the city very easily to learn a lot about the culture in Buenos Aires. Because the workday is spent with locals, you will meet a variety of people who are passionate about this city and will always be willing to interact with you. Working with other volunteers will also allow to discover the culture together so you never feel alone or out of place. We love our volunteers and want them to have wonderful experiences, so we value their input and do everything we can to make them feel welcome!

We are the Centro de Atención Integral para la Inclusión (CAII) located in Buenos Aires. We work we families who live in situations of vulnerability by generating systematic inclusion processes. . We are looking for volunteers with an advanced level of Spanish proficiency to help with our Center for Child Care Assistance, whose mission is to guarantee the healthy growht and development of socially vulnerable children.

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