California Organic Work & Travel Internship Program (COWTIP)

Come and work and learn on our organic farm and travel with us on the weekends to experience California and the Grand Canyon. You will be working on our family farm thinning and harvesting fruit. We grow organic apples, pears, plums, nectarines, Angus cattle, and laying hens. We believe that people reflect their Creator and were made to live in abundance, we encourage community and invite you as family, we expect hard work and provide the space and time for fun and relaxation, and we love education and respect the environment. We seek to connect with people who love life and are seeking wholeness. Our weekly schedule for COWTIPers include work in the orchards Monday through Friday from 6 am to 12. Afternoons are free time with picnic dinners every evening. Trips are scheduled around California each weekend at cost and include an overnight California Beach trip to Santa Cruz, an overnight trip to San Francisco, an overnight camping trip to Yosemite, a weekend to Los Angeles to go to Disneyland and Universal Studios, an overnight trip to Kings Canyon National Park to see the giant Sequoias, and an extended three night trip to experience the Grand Canyon. We will spend one Saturday on the Kings River and another Saturday experiencing an old western style American Cattle Roundup at our nearby mountain Cattle Ranch.

We at COWTIP value each and every person we associate with. We are committed to show each other the highest level of respect and we desire to cultivate a culture of honor among our interns. In order to do this we enter into an agreement with all who decide to come stay and work with us. We covenant to honor each other, the host, his associates, their guests as well as fellow interns who are at COWTIP. We commit to respect the dignity, experience and worth of everyone whom we come into contact with at COWTIP. We commit to respect all human life including those yet to be born and thus we require any of opposite sex who want to live and sleep together to be married. We interns chose to follow the example of the host or his associates at work and will endeavor to follow their direction in how to perform tasks. We agree to the same work rules that the associates abide by as written in the employee handbook for DayBreak Organics. We chose to abide by the owner’s principal rule of “doing to others what you would want them to do to you.” We covenant to participate in learning together about ourselves, the system of organic agriculture and our World and its Creator. We commit to cultivate and to display an attitude of curiosity, a focus on developing good habits and a desire for personal growth. We commit to discover our passions and then becoming our best selves so that we can reach our potential and bless the world we live in. We commit to improving ourselves and thus to live life intentionally in light of how we want to impact our world. We commit to follow all laws of the State of California and in addition we commit to refrain from the use or consumption of all drugs and alcohol while on our premises. "I stayed in this farm two weeks in september 2016, it was too short! This experience was AMAZING! Rob’s family and Eric’s family were like my family! There are so nice and welcoming! I discovered and learned a lot of things! I’m so glad to have met these people, that will be a pleasure to come back again during a futur travel. Thanks so much !" Valentine D. (France)

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It was a very gratifying experience. The family is very loving and well organized. You receive much in exchange for what you give. The farm is very nice. They give you everything you need, you never go hungry or thirsty. During my stay I was able to live with the other volunteers in a healthy and fun way. You have the opportunity to travel during your stay, whether you do it on a trip organized by the hosts or with your companions. You have the opportunity to live more intensely your contact with nature and with God. It is definitely a great experience, I am very happy and grateful!

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AWEEEEESOME!!! My stay there couldn't be better! every single person I met there made a difference in my life! If you are looking for a peaceful place, to learn about LIFE, don't think twice, this is the best place to go! The work is hard, but you get a 6-pack abs after some days :)
I stayed almost 2 months, and I realized some things:
Pruning is better than meditation, Spiders are super friendly (the chickens as well), California is hot (I mean HOT), U-haul= airbnb+uber-price, America is great, California is hot (I won't forget).
I am grateful for all the people that supported COWTIP!

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SO MUCH LOVE for the blessed Jackson family that received me as one of the children, Barbie and all the COWTIPers. I've met wonderful places with them and lived in one too. If you want to improve yourself as a human while working with the nature, traveling, making friends and having a lot of fun this is the perfect place. I'm so grateful for having this oportunity. THANK YOU ALL!

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The COWTIP program is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The guest and team make you feel you are part of the family, enriching your stay there with new experiences everyday! If you are wondering to go or not, dont wait any longer... go for it!! :)

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My fisrt experience with the worldpackers couldn't be better! The Jacksons are a very special family, I learned a lot from them and feel blessed to be able to call them my American Family! Rob and Sarah are the most amazing hosts, and Barbie (BB) was like a mother to me, I love them all so much and already miss them a lot! They provided me with the most wonderful experiences: Grand Canyon, Yosemite Park, Kings Canyon, Santa Cruz Beach, San Francisco, it was even better than I imagined it would be. The work in the farm is hard, but this trip was one big adventure worth telling. Thank you Family

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