Calle 11 Hostel

We are a small to mid size 35 bed hostel set in a beautifully renovated ex-cartel mansion. Volunteers love working and interacting with the staff and guests and have the days free to explore the surrounding region. At night they run the bar which is fun and lively.

We consider all the staff at the hostel as one big family. We have the cutest hostel dog you can find. The fluffiest cat that sneaks into every guest bed and snuggles with them. The hostel staff are warm and friendly, you will practise your spanish and have fun with everyone from the cleaners to the receptionists.

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Jardinagem Consertar & Construir Pintar & Decorar Artes

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Mídias sociais Organizar eventos e festas Produção de vídeo Fotografia

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