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Place that love animals, in the nature, family feeling, vegeterian, animal freandly zone, learn to treat animal differently.working with local workers and learn spanish.

We are 15 friends of many years, vegan and animal lovers who moved to Costa Rica in 2005. We established a non-profit, no-kill charitable organization founded on the belief that all animals deserve respectful and loving treatment and must be protected by humans as well as by law. Whenever we come across animals who are abused, abandoned, sick or injured, we take action to prevent further suffering and give them a safe and loving home. We have over 700 animals including cats, dogs, horses, geese, ducks, goats, sheep and hens as well as the local wildlife of the cloud forest where we are located. Most importantly, we need volunteers to help take care of our dogs and cats. Tasks include dog walking, washing dogs, special care for sick/disabled dogs, cleaning the catteries, changing their litter etc. You must not be afraid to pick up poop!


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La verdad pintan el voluntariado como algo hermoso, y al principio una lo ve así. pero las 5 horas de trabajo nunca son, porque no están repartidas todas juntas, sino que repartidas durante el día y se trabaja mucho más. se empieza a las 6:45 AM y no duermes en el hotel donde se trabaja, si no que lejos y para ir allá dependes que ellos te ponga. transporte y te llevan a la casa por la noche, pasado las 10. lo que hace más difícil la estadía es que para comer dependes enteramente del hotel (la locomoción es muy mala y está en medio de la nada, por lo tanto no te puedes cocinar si deseas)


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Everyone at Lands In Love were super nice and treated you like family. The people who run the hotel/animal shelter are a group of 15 Israeli friends who care a lot about the animals. The work was very easy and consisted of walking dogs mostly. I really enjoyed my time at Lands In Love, made some really good friends, and all of the animals are super sweet and never fail to put a smile on your face.


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