Canto dos artistas

We're located in a very artistic place! Many artistic houses, beautiful beaches, in a very old city! Universidade Federal de Pernambuco have uncovered new evidence of the pre-colonial population of the area. The settlement of Olinda was founded in 1535. Besides its natural beauty, Olinda is also one of the most important of Brazil's cultural centers. Declared in 1982 a Historical and Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by the UNESCO, Olinda relives the magnificence of the past every year during the Carnival, in the rhythm of frevo, maracatu and others rhythms

We have a very pleasant atmosphere to work with. A cozy place! It's pretty more a home hostel! We're 4 people working in two hostels (Canto dos Artistas/ e Cantos dos Artistas 2). My name is Angela, married with a teenager son. I have many friends in the city. I'm a extroverted and happy person! Friends are like family to me! I have a very good relationship with my staff! Pretty much more a friend than a boss!

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