Caravan next to a lake

Learn how we build houses in Sweden that suits the weather here. You will also be able to explore the surroundings with great forests and lakes. Depending on how far we are in the building project you may help with painting, building, gardening and also cooking, dishes etc You will be living a very simple life in a caravan. There is running water in the garage close by and we have plans to install a bathtub in the garage but at the moment we ”shower” in the lake.

We live next to a lake in the forest close to Gothenburg (30 min by car) and to the airport. We have started to build a new house and looking for volunteers to help with construction work, fix the garden or hang out with baby Dylan. You will be able to borrow our canoe, bicycle and eat and sleep next to the lake that is so clean that you can drink water straight from it. We live a simple life here and at the moment we don’t have any warm running water so that will be a challenge during winter.

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