Casa Alta Hostel

Casa Alta Hostel located in Paraguay, is next to Brazil, Argentina, you can experience 3 different cultures in less than 40 minutes! There is a very nice lake and a lot of nature near the hostel, the iguazu falls are 20 km away from Casa alta :)

This Hostel is a Family Hostel, staff is friendly and the enviroment is amazing! My mom, brother and volunteers work there, also Gustavo that is the night staff taking good care of everything!

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Well, I arrived and they said that they have just chances mangement and that there was no job for me and If I wanted to stay I would have to pay. So, be shore about the job.

1 ano atrás


Foi excelente! Vitor nos recebeu super bem em seu hostel, realmente uma experiência incrível, recomendo.

mais de 1 ano atrás


Very nice location and great atmosphere! A family run hostel and all quite informal, which makes you have to find your place and the work a little bit by yourself. Once settled, you are in serious danger of not wanting to leave! I hitch-hiked my way here from Rio de Janeiro and arrived a day later than planned, all sweaty and dusty from the road! I was granted a good rest and had a nice, tranquil start. Fun place also to meet other travelers, since it is somewhat off the main track and attracts people who aren´t doing south america in ten days. Recommended!

quase 2 anos atrás


la mejor experiencia, que divertido que es viajar, conocer nuevos lugares y hacer nuevas amistades.

2 anos atrás

Victor respondeu

Nos ayudo muchisimo, fue buenisima experiencia

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