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In Mexican folklore, the hummingbird, or colibri, is seen as a messenger of love. We follow the path of the hummingbird by spreading love through hospitality, accompaniment, and educational opportunities in the rural town of Hostotipaquillo, Mexico. By addressing the root causes of the vulnerabilities in our community, we are all growing together in strength and peace. We continually give thanks to the tools we have and the people around us without operating under a specific religion. Leading a simple life helps us find harmony in the environment and the situation around us. We believe each person is valuable, unique, and irreplaceable. Therefore, everyone holds a piece of the puzzle to a unified, prosperous, and loving world. Casa Colibri exists as a space to come together for each to offer their gifts for the betterment of all. We invite everyone to share with us in our hope and happiness here in this special place. You can be a part of our community by letting us welcome you into our home as a long-term volunteer.

The volunteers are the heart of Casa Colibrí, it is through volunteering that Casa Colibrí fulfills its objective with the children and their families. Our objective is to promote multiculturalism, solidarity, environmental responsibility and communitarianism. It supports the idea-reality that we are all responsible for the environment that surrounds us.

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Excelente lugar para aprender pasar el tiempo y ayudar. Recomendadisisisisisimo

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El Salvador

Recomiendo el voluntariado en casa Colibri, definitivamente ha sido la mejor experiencia que he tenido. Me llevo bonitos recuerdos de todos los demás voluntarios y los anfitriones, me hicieron sentir como en familia desde que entré a la casa. El trabajo que realizan con los niños y las familias del pueblo es increíble, es una experiencia que todos deberían de conocer.

11 meses atrás

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