Casa das Eirinhas - Serra do Soajo

Our place is situated in the mountains although there are quite good roads to get there. Also, this house is special because it keeps its ancient architectural features, with thick granite walls for temperature purposes and safety. Its inhabitants were small farmers with a sustainable life style depending on their crops and cattle, mainly cows that they took to the top of the mountains each May, until the end of Autumn. They would stay there where there was a lot of grass to feed the animals. Those spots in the mountains were called "Brandas", reminding the etymological noun "Verão" that means "Summer". Since those inhabitants would bring their cattle back home to the mountains skirts, in Winter, their place were called "Inberneiras", reminding the etymological noun "Inverno" that means "Winter". We are now trying to recall those memories, although we don't have our own cattle. It happens, however, that small groups of cattle come down the mountains to eat the grass we have in our gardens.

We are husband and wife, aged 64 and 61, respectively and we love organic farming. We have another small farm, also Minho, province in the North of Portugal. Because we have several houses and need to be there now and then, we use to invite our volunteers to join us. They actually show their appreciation in being invited for a these tours. Beyond that, we have a family environment with our adult children.


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Feliz de haber vivido esra experiencia acá, Filomena y su familia me acogieron muy bien, siempre preocupados de mi, de la comida y de estuviera cómodo e incluido en la familia. agradecido de todo corazón, espero que mas personas se animen a venir


Filomena respondeu

¡Hola! Jerson!
Solamente ahora he visto tú mensaje sobre nosotros. Te agradezco mucho y ya te digo que puedes volver a aquí. Te estimamos mucho.


Filomena and her family are very affectionate people. So far it has been a fabulous experience. The place is very nice, it is very close to Braga, a highly recommended destination to visit in Portugal. The work of the house is simple and good for those who like the countryside and ecotourism.



Foi um prazer enorme contribuir para o projeto da Filomena e do Helder. O casal é super simpático e receptivo. O local fica a 7km da cidade, onde fomos algumas vezes para nos atualizar no mundo virtual. Não tem sinal de celular na localidade, mas pra mim isso não foi problema, nos diatraímos de outras formas, conversando, jogando palavras cruzadas.. Foi bem divertido.


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