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Casa Rovai Guest House is a place of a family atmosphere, quiet and cozy. Ideal for the volunteer who is looking for a quiet place to stay in Florence while helping us with check-in and reception tasks. You'll have a lot of free time to discover the area while enjoying your private ensuite room.

You will be working together with Stefania the receptionist and two cleaning ladies Olga and Irina. We are friendly and respect each other's space. We don't mind fun but we're not a party place. IMPORTANT: You don't need to volunteer at any shift reception, we just need you to be available to check-in guests who arrive after 15:00/16:00, even late at night or last minute reservation (not often, but can happen). And on Sundays, we need you to be available all day and mid- night if you need to do some check-in like that. The advantage of volunteering here: We always let you know about the check-in time when you need to be here to help us, so you have your free time to enjoy the city in the best way, but you should always be available when you call for late or last-minute check-in. if you are looking for parties and having fun, unfortunately here is not the place. We need someone who is responsible and available to help us whenever we need to. NOT ALLOWED: use of drugs, alcohol, and having friends or strangers to the guest house.


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Casa Rovai is a beautiful place in the best part of Florence, it's perfect if you want to get to know the city a little bit, and if you are not planning on leaving the city. The room is nice, it has everything you need and you have a lot of privacy. Anna the owner is lovely, she was very special to me and made me feel welcomed from the beginning. Stefania is also very nice, respectful an clear about what needs to be done. The only thing to consider before coming is that you need to be available always for check ins, so if that's not a problem, this is a great place ❤❤❤

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It was a great experience to improve my italian. The tasks are very easy: check-in, checkout, welcoming guests... The place is very beautiful, very well situated & the staff is really nice. You may feel lonely as you will be working alone but you will also have a lot of free time (you never know in advance though as you must be available 7/7)Your room isn't one of the hotel which can be surprising at first but you'll have everything you need. Although we had some miscommunications, Stefania was very open to dialogue to improve the experience she offers so it's positive for the next volunteers

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Volunteering at Casa Rovai was a wonderful experience. Very comfortable bed, private bathroom, and kitchen access in a historic, charming guest house. Anna, Stefania, and Iryna were all very hardworking, kind, and communicative. Location is fantastic in the heart of Florence. I'd recommend this for a traveler who is very independent, as you're working alone. The tasks aren't too stressful, but you do need to be available every day.

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Tuve una experiencia muy grata. Anna y Stefania en todo momento estuvieron pendientes ante cualquier situación. Para mi fue ideal el haber estado en Casa Rovai pues me ayudó a estar tranquila por algunos días y tuve suficiente tiempo para conocer lo bella que es Florencia, además el espacio proporcionado es precioso. Lo único que podría decir que no se cumplió fue el poder lavar mi ropa en el lugar que es una de las recompensas prometidas, fuera de eso, Stefania fue siempre muy clara con las necesidades que debían ser cubiertas en el B&B y pudimos tener una muy buena colaboración

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Si acuerdan algo con la dueña todo por escrito porque luego te cambia los acuerdos, nunca me dio la cara, pero si te exigen de todo, podrían coordinar mejor el voluntariado pero este es un trabajo en donde no te pagan. No me gusto para nada que me amenazaran que si no hacía bien el trabajo me iría, dejándome claro que de ahí mucha gente se iba. En realidad no puedes conocer Florencia ni ir a los museos porque siempre llega alguien.... Aunque te den tus horarios nunca los respetan. El baño no sirve y cuando llegue la recámara estaba muy sucia. En lo personal no lo recomiendo.

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Stefania respondeu

Hi Chynta, we are very surprised at what you wrote and your behavior.
We never threatened anyone and we always went to great lengths to coordinate guest arrivals in the afternoon so that you could have many free hours in a row.
If sometimes the guests are not punctual, unfortunately this is not to be attributed to us but they are things that can happen and we had specified this during our interview in videocall.
In the Videocall we specified that the cleaning of the room was done by the previous volunteer and not by us.
The bathroom issue was fixed the same day, only a few hours of waiting and you could still use another bathroom but refused to take the keys.
Regarding your behavior, on the other hand: you never expressed any discomfort during your stay, you always thanked until the day you decided you needed to stay in Florence more. You stayed with us until the evening but you refused to check in on the day!
You left 15 days ahead of time and without warning causing us a lot of problems!
We are very disappointed in your behavior and for giving you our trust and hospitality.
We have all the chats that testify to our good faith and what we are writing.

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