Anyone can sit in an office and design websites, only you can sit in the Jungle listening to the sites and sounds of Howler Monkeys, Sloth, Kinkajous, Toucans & Parrots while you Let your creative jungle juices flow as you design and help with our creative websites.(getting thirsty just reach out and grab a coconut} If you are passionate about digital marketing and websites contact us. We will provide you with meals and a room in our house.My wife and I +2 dogs and 5 cats love our little piece of paradise and we know you will to,we are only 15 minutes from the town of Puerto Viejo which has beautiful beaches and an abundance of good bars and restaurants.

My Wife and have just retired after 35 years in the hospitality business .now we are developing various websites. We are lucky to work and play in one the best creative environments,surrounded by the jungle were you see and hear the sights and sounds the tropics has to offer. As you look up from the computer you are likely to see a flock of Toucans parrots, Sloth Kinkajous or a tribe of Howler monkeys as they let there vocals go and give their version of the Vienna Boys Choir. (The Howler monkey is the 2nd loudest animal alive) {no the lion is not number 1} We are looking for creative people to help build our websites. we have a happy and fun existence and would welcome anyone who comes to work at Castaways as if they were the family.

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