Catania Inn

Ciao! We are a small b&b in the city center of Catania, famous for its barocco style, nightlife, sea and food. And for the mountain Etna, of course. Our team is made of 3 person, and we are all friendly and nice. Stayng here will be a good experience, where you could easily travel around Sicily and its history, and have the chance to meet several people.

We are 3 person, and each one has a different duty. I'm Marco, 33 years old. Roberto and Eva(husband and wife, both 50 years old). The volunteers will be treated as one of the family, and we will do the best to let them feel at home. Speaking italian is a BIG bonus, so don't be shy, if you speak it, send us a message in italian :)

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My experience has been absolutely wonderful. At first, I felt a little bit lonely because the job didn't offer the chance to meet people. But Marco, the kind and funny man that works here as a receptionist, introduced me to a group of local people and travelers that gathers all the wednesdays. Roberto and Eva, my bosses and also co-workers in the Inn, always made me feel at home and treat me like a daughter. They were also very generous giving me a lot of free days and proved to be flexible with my personal plans. They are funny and nice people also wanting you to enjoy your experience here.



My first experience traveling with Worldpackers, Catania Inn was a great place to stay! The location of the b&b is convenient, very close to the Duomo. Everyone was very friendly, helpful, understanding and asked for less work than I expected. They provided everything I needed, my own room and bathroom, as well as a kitchen for me to use. Many thanks for the lovely time I had!


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