Chain Of Life

We are a non profit community organization ( CBO) created to help and empower the children in Uganda. We help by giving these children the means for a better life through education and psycho-social support. These children are vulnerable to dangerous traditional cultural practices that were exposing them to the dangers of child labor, heavy domestic work, sexual abuse, forced early marriage, exposure to HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancies. Every day we are helping more and more children to escape this lifestyle by lending a helping hand and offering an education and care.

In general we host volunteers, for support and team work.


we offer accommodation to all volunteers at Home stay, Volunteers who opt to stay, will always stay with host families, and this is a recommended accommodation type because apart provision of shelter, the volunteer get to learn from the families how they live, cook their local language whereby WorldPackers also can teach the host family members how things are done in his or her country. The other form of accommodation is Volunteer house, we have a house were we host volunteers who opt for this type, especially the couples, and volunteers who need a lot of privacy. In all these type of accommodation, volunteers will always be provided with a private room with running water,clean flashing toilets/latrines, provided 3 meals a day(However you can prepare your dish if you wish!) , electricity, bed and bed sheets, Insecticide treated net and blanket.

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