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Camille was a very sweet and caring host. The work mainly included burning branches, tidying up gardens and carrying log rounds, which can get tiring but we also had plenty of time to do our own thing and explore. If you're fine with being out in the middle of nowhere and have a love for nature you’ll enjoy this experience!

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Reino Unido


When I arrived Camille was really good atvsetting out the tasks to be done over the next couple of weeks. The vast majority of my tasks involved cutting down bushes, burning garden waste and collecting log round. Sometimes this was done independently, and other time working with Camille and another world packer. I enjoyed learning how to use different tool 8d never used before! On time off I enjoyed getting to know other locals and exploring the local wilderness, including going to a lake few had been to previously!

1 dia atrás

Estados Unidos


Its like taking a step back in time to the slow life, without the hustle and bustle of the modern world. You will feel “out there”. And Camille is a fantastic cook, and killer at Jeopardy.

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The cabin was in a very remote area, so you could only get there by boat. Even the mail is delivered by a floating plane. Orcas and sea lions were swimming right pass our cabin.
Camille is a great host and we loved to spend time together with her and her three dogs, making us feel welcomed.
Even before our arrival she was very flexible and easy to communicate with. Since a lot of trees got taken down, our main tasks included: burning the leftover branches in huge fires and stacking all the useable firewood. Even though the work wasn’t that easy at time it was satisfying to see the results.

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