Chestnut Blueberry Permaculture Haven

Chestnut trees are amazing. They provide a tasty and nutritious food that is much like a grain, being low in fat. Unlike so many big ag crops that deplete the soil and require a large carbon input, chestnut trees build up soil, don't require tilling, and provide ecosystems for animals, fungi, and other plants. They suck up CO2 from the air. Their byproduct is firewood--renewable energy. On our farm and at a nearby monastery, we take data on thousands of trees with genetics from all over the world and crossbreed them to be better and better. We firmly believe that we are doing something wonderful for the world and humanity, and are in an exciting time when we're learning how to make it work and how to live sustainably. We are also constantly doing other projects for fun and sustenance.

I live on the farm with my 3 boys. Louis is 7 and Ben and Roger are 4 year-old identical twins. They love to help. We have 2 awesome dogs that roam free. My life's goal is to make the universe a better place, and I think that our approach to farming and growing chestnut trees is a great way to do it. We're trying to be ever more self-sufficient and off-grid, producing what we need. I love to teach and learn, and I'm happy to host others and hopefully send them away with skills, knowledge, and thoughts that they can use to make the universe a better place too, and also gain from their presence. We are very grateful and honored that volunteers want to come here, and treat them with respect and gratitude.

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