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Chestnut trees are amazing. They provide a tasty and nutritious food that is much like a grain, being low in fat. Unlike so many big ag crops that deplete the soil and require a large carbon input, chestnut trees build up soil, don't require tilling, and provide ecosystems for animals, fungi, and other plants. They suck up CO2 from the air. Their byproduct is firewood--renewable energy. On our farm and at a nearby monastery, we take data on thousands of trees with genetics from all over the world and crossbreed them to be better and better. We firmly believe that we are doing something wonderful for the world and humanity, and are in an exciting time when we're learning how to make it work and how to live sustainably. We are also constantly doing other projects for fun and sustenance.

I live on the farm with my 3 boys. Louis is 7 and Ben and Roger are 4 year-old identical twins. They love to help. We have 2 awesome dogs that roam free. My life's goal is to make the universe a better place, and I think that our approach to farming and growing chestnut trees is a great way to do it. We're trying to be ever more self-sufficient and off-grid, producing what we need. I love to teach and learn, and I'm happy to host others and hopefully send them away with skills, knowledge, and thoughts that they can use to make the universe a better place too, and also gain from their presence. We are very grateful and honored that volunteers want to come here, and treat them with respect and gratitude.

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Martin and his family are really nice! They will always make sure you’re having a good time (working and also during your free time). I can’t express how thankful I am for all that I learned with the kids. It was one of the reasons why I’ve decided to go to Ohio, and I wasn’t wrong. Thank you Louis, Ben and Roger for everything. Thank you, Martin! Next time I’ll make sure I practice some of the American jokes… see you soon, guys!

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I loved this place. The farm is beautiful and very peaceful. If you like being outdoors, I would definitely recommend this experience. Martin is very welcoming and open to teach everyone about the farming work that he does which is amazing. Every day he would make a list of things that need to be done and there were always options that anyone can enjoy. It was a great opportunity to share with others, learn, enjoy and get creative.

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Esta fue mi primera vez en un voluntariado y la verdad fue una experiencia muy linda, Martin es una persona que de verdad se va a preocupar por hacerte sentir bien y cómodo en todo momento, además de ser muy paciente para mostrarnos los trabajos y explicar cuando no entendiamos el inglés.
En mi tiempo en la granja aún no era época de blueberries por lo que trabaje en el campo, en los chestnut trees y plantando árboles, los trabajos no son complicados y las horas son muy flexibles, tendrás tiempo suficiente para dibujar, meditar o hacer cualquier otra cosa que te guste, super recomendable!

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Mi estadía en la granja fue una experiencia muy gratificante, tanto Martin como los voluntarios me recibieron con mucho cariño y me hicieron sentir super cómoda.
La granja y los alrededores son muy bonitos, puedo decir que realmente disfruté de las vistas otoñales de Ohio.
En cuanto al trabajo; te recomiendo llevar contigo siempre una botella con agua y no olvidar usar el equipamiento para recolectar. La pasé bien recogiendo castañas, tanto en compañía como sola. Pude desconectarme en medio de los árboles, ver hermosos atardeceres y tener mucho tiempo para dibujar y hacer caminatas.

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It was a wonderful experience! Everyone here worked really well together and made space for friendships, growth, and laughter while staying here, dinner gatherings, campfires with some nice tunes, all the chestnuts you can eat, (so yummy) Being outside in nature with the trees, insects, and everything that makes it alive, watching how it all works together and being a part of that was lovely. I’d recommend this place to anyone!!

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