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We are a husband and wife team (Australian/Chilean) with 6 tourist cabins in the Andes mountains, Malalcahuello, near Reserva Malalcahuello/Nalcas. We have a 120 hectare conservation property in the mountain adjacent to Sierra Nevada in Conguillio National Park.

We share our house with volunteers. We have two bedrooms for volunteers and we share meals and cooking/cleaning-up duties. We cater for vegetarians but vegans will have to make more of an effort to prepare vegan food as we eat a fair bit of dairy. We expect hard or constant work during 5 horus minimum/day, 6 days per week. We are flexible with how you work your days/hours and time off. We have a lot of jobs so there is always work to do. Summer jobs: chainsaw & woodchopping, fencing, track repair, painting, carpentry, watering plants, cooking, weeding/gardening, cleaning cabins, ironing, caring for the animals (milking if you are a long stay volunteer), helping with the sewerage worm farm. autumn: tree transplanting, gardening, carpentry, cleaning cabins, ironing, cooking winter jobs: cleaning cabins, ironing, cooking, sewing, shovelling snow, clearing drainage channels, carpentry, preparing firewood spring: cleaning out the sewerage worm farm & using the fertilizer around the trees, maintain mini-orchard-weeding/gardening, cleaning cabins, ironing, sewing, cooking

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I had a fantastic couple of weeks stay at Chile Wild. They made me feel very welcome straight away and I are and slept extremely comfortably for the entire time I was there! The work was really enjoyable, building a new house for the characteristic billy goat Gary. It was wonderful to be working outside in the fresh mountain air and in such a beautiful landscape. Thank you Lavinia and Fernando!!!!

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