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Circles is a powerful digital nomads enterpreneurs and self starting freelancers community, based on booking platform, that connects coliving spaces and coworking spaces with colivers around the world. Suitable for different lifestyles doing the perfect match between digital nomads and supporters. Search and find your next coliving. All amenities included. Aside from the space, which supplies a bright, modern and comfortable working environment with varied tarifs to suit almost all, it delivers on providing a very impressive social side to the business. This improves the atmosphere and the health of every business within the locations planned to launch throughout the world.

The heart and soul of coliving is the community that you become a part of. Entrepreneurs, self-starting freelancers, and other like minded individuals can come together in the same working space to share ideas and interact with each other on a personal and professional level. In our new world of distance, connection is everything and coliving spaces facilitate that need. You will find your new investor, business partner, or best friend here and have a life changing experience.


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Living in Circles means being surrounded by nature only 30 minutes from the city. The location allows you to watch the sunrise and sunset every day while sitting on the balcony. The volunteering experience can offer great personal and professional growth because you will be part of the start-up's operational team. If you are a proactive person, it is definitely the place for you because there is always space for new suggestions. Finally, living with travellers and conscious entrepreneurs from all over the world with different visions and approaches will allow you to get to know yourself better

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Life-changing! My stay at Circles is a time full of quality moments, meeting valuable, open minded people. I learned a lot from Nat and Enric, they are amazing people with a valuable idea and beliefs. Their openness to new ideas, how understanding they were for me, how much I could rely on them - all this made me leave Circles with tears in my eyes, with the feeling that I was leaving my family and my home away from home. These few weeks changed a lot, I've met so many wonderful people and among them friends for the rest of my life. Thank you, Circles, for having me <3

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O local é bonito e pessoas são legais, minha experiêcia não foi boa apenas porque tive alguns desentendimentos com o host. Mas no geral deu pra aproveitar.
Tive q sair com três semana de antedência por dificuldades na comunicação com o host. Foram duas vezes q ele me cobrou em um tom de grosseria e não estava disposto a aceitar uma terceira, logo pedi para sair e mudar todos meus planos com urgência.
Mesmo se interpretei algum comportamento cultural erroneamente, me frustrei por não reconhecer todo o trabalho q fazia já q trabalhava mais q combinado de 4h atendendo demandas urgentes dele.

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La experiencia en Circles fue hermosa, desde el primer dia sentís que el lugar es tu casa. Conectas con la tranquilidad del barrio de Vallvidriera, disfrutas de las instalaciones y con la gente que vive en el coliving.
Las horas de trabajo se respetan, Enric y Natalia te hacen sentir parte del equipo en todo momento.

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Circles was an absolutely amazing experience. Nat and Enriq were great at supporting the ideas and plans I had for content, social media, and really improving the experience and marketing. Outside of work, the house was amazing and the people were even better and I've made some lifelong friends who I got to work with daily. While the work at times was a bit scattered, it is still a startup, so things may be a bit unclear at times, but if you can take the initiative and work independently you'll do amazing.

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