Circus Palace

✨Here at Circus Palace we are at the beginning of creating a magical dream... a community accessable theatre and permiculture garden in a small village in rural Portugal. We have the most incredibly supportive neighbours, glorious nature and are integrated into a real slice of traditional village life.

It's hard work, but the feeling of beginning something beautiful is very satisfying.

The project moves in different phases, sometimes it's garden and construction focused, for example digging drainage systems, noxious plant strimming and clearing, building sheds and making pathways. Volunteers who work on these landscape design projects will also be invited to join in with fire spinning practises and learn to eat fire if they wish!

Three times a year the volunteer programme is more arts focused. At these times, in addition to gardening, sanding and housework; the volunteers will learn new performance skills and present a choreographed showcase. At these times volunteers will be selected with regards to any circus, musical, dance or fire spinning skills they may have. Beginner level skills are fine... as long as you are disciplined with rehearsals and willing to try new things! ✨


🎪Years ago I was a professional circus performer, specialising in aerial acrobatics, but I developed a trapped nerve and I was forced to give up my career. My dream since then has been to create a special place, accessable to the community, that they can use to study the many performing and fine arts. I want to keep sharing my love of the Arts with the world, and also to keep learning myself, so I especially welcome anyone who can teach me new things. I provide relaxed accomodation in my home, which is a traditional centennial 'palacete' that was abandoned for 60 years. The usual bedroom is a two person dorm, but at busy times we also use the guest bedroom and living room for volunteer beds. Because the house is slowly being restored it's a bit rough, we cook on a two ring camping stove and the shower is hot, but sometimes can suddenly turn cold and has to be re-started. I guess this only adds to the adventure! Volunteers will take turns with me cooking simple but nutritious food from whole ingredients. A fondness for soup is a bonus as often the neighbours bring some over, cooked to a traditional Portuguese recipe. The Circus Palace is in a rural area, a 20 minute drive from both the famous surfing town of Nazare, and the historically beautiful town of Alcobaça. On Saturdays I'm happy to drive volunteers to either one of those and drop you there for the day. Sometimes we go instead for a group trip to a medieval festival or Leira Castle, it depends what is on. On Sundays you are welcome to join in the regular Fire Spinning Jam meet up. The rest of the time you will need to entertain yourself outside of working hours. Our little village of Alpedriz has three bar/cafes, two pool tables, vibrant locals and a bus running to the historic town of Alcobaça. There is a park 7 minutes walk away with a BBQ area and shallow swimming spot, and 30 mins walk away is mysterious abandoned village. I have bicycles for those who wish to ride around and explore further! 🎪 ✨For more pictures visit circus.palace on Instagram ✨ Volunteer applications can only be made through Worldpackers Thank You!


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Flames is an amazing host !!!
I really enjoyed working and living at Flames .She always looks after her volunteers and if there are problems she is always happy to help.I had a lot of fun listening to her life stories. She is really a very interesting and kind person and the house is very old but beautiful . I wish you only the best for the future. Maybe we'll see each other again

6 meses atrás



Flame is an awesome and helpful host! She really cares about the volunteers and is 100% there, if there is a problem! She has great knowledge about activities in this area and is ready to help with that! She is very kind, the food is very tasty, the support is unbeliveble huge <3
It is a really good stay if you aren't so sensitive with your sleep.
Looking forward to see the Circus Palace again 💫

7 meses atrás



I am grateful and happy for the opportunity to have participated in the Circus Palace project.
I learned to carpint, to paint walls, to swallow fire, I did a silks show and learned more poi. Flame was a great hostess, and was clear about what should be done, and had a good vibe! The house is very old but very charming too, I slept very well every day and ate very well too. Circus Palace is a project that involves the residents of the city who support the project, and some even participate in the show. They are very welcoming people that makes you feel home. Thanks for everything Flame!

8 meses atrás



Amazing experience, host is very welcoming and friendly and a good laugh. Definitely worth it

11 meses atrás



My experience at Circus Palace was wonderful. The village of Alpedriz has a very welcoming neighborhood, Felicity is an incredible artist, a charming person, polite, fun, intelligent, kind, with a big heart, very attentive and understanding, always concerned with the well-being of the volunteers. The work was easy and fun and went according to plan, Frazer, the builder is an excellent professional. I lived magical days at Circus Palace and I am very happy to have been part of the team that took the first steps towards building this magnificent and grandiose dream.

1 ano atrás

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