Citadel Youth Hostel

Traveler choose to volunteer at our hostel to experience and entertain the unique atmosphere at the citadel with the amazing best Rooftop view for the old city of Jerusalem. The Citadel Youth Hostel is a 2 minute walking distance from Jaffa Gate and a 10 minute walk to the city center , we are within walking distance from public transportation , tourist information center ,western wall, holy sepulcher church ,Dome of the rock ,restaurants ,coffee shops and the vibrant night life in Jerusalem. Other reasons, it is very short and easy work, it require volunteer to help just 2 hours a day, then they will have the rest of the day to enjoy their plans, Also taking extra days off are easy. Moreover volunteer will enjoy talking to all foreigners from all over the world and making new relationships and friends.

We are a family small hostel Owners with reception and cleaning staff. The volunteers are treated kindly or even like a family members, they are free to do what ever then want for the rest of the day after giving the 2 hours of helping and they can choose which time to help even in the morning shift duties or in the evening shift duties.

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