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We are the happy owners of a small hostel in the center of Lisbon. We have already received many volunteers from different countries and we are eager to meet you! Our Hostel has a fun, peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. You will feel part of something new and fresh. Its the perfect place to get to know Lisbon as a local. As our hostel is a family business we are looking for volunteers who seek a friendly and peacefull and relaxed environment. With us, you will feel like at home, part of the family, not only as a team member.

We want to provide an unforgettable experience to the fantastic people who have shown their willingness to help us. We strive to make our team (as well as our guests) become part of our family. We love to go around the city, to take our new friends to the hiden spots of the city that only locals know; to have dinners in our favourite restaurants, to share the atmosphere of Lisbon, because we really enjoy living in this beautiful city and want to show everyone how amazing it is. The main reason we started to look for volunteers instead of hiring regular staff, is the friendship we create with the volunteers. We love to share experiences, to learn, to tell and to listen stories, to show the beautiful city of Lisbon, to walk around the city, to go to the beach, to visit museums and monuments, to go out at night and much more with all the people helping us. Volunteers = Friends :) City Hostel Lisbon is not a party hostel, however the atmosphere is always nice, friendly and positive.

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I was meant to stay for two weeks but ended up leaving early. The first day was great the owners seemed really nice and we hung out in the evening. The owner Ruben became very touchy and inappropriate and also my bed had bed bugs which I told them about and they failed to deal with for 2 days. The other volunteer girl seemed very happy there so maybe it was just me.

aproximadamente 17 horas atrás

Ruben respondeu

Yes, it is just you. The other volunteer who stayed at the same time as you and all previous were very happy with the experience at our place.
You should have written about waking up late and let our guests be without breakfast, or not care about their questions.
You should not be part of this lovely community and not volunteer anywhere else.
Ruben was never inappropriate or touchy. To lie is not a good attitude.
Also, your bed never had bed bugs, which unfortunately can happen at any hostel.
Everything was going fine until you met someone who probably made you not need a free bed and free food in exchange for 5 hours of work.


Foi uma ótima experiência! Os anfitriões são pessoas maravilhosas que se dedicam ao Hostel com muito carinho! Tudo ocorreu conforme o combinado, as tarefas são justas, bem como as folgas, os horários e os turnos intercalados. Me senti acolhida desde o início, pude passear bastante e amei a cidade de Lisboa. Agradeço pela hospitalidade e por terem sido tão generosos comigo durante toda a temporada!

19 dias atrás

Ruben respondeu

Muito obrigado por tudo, Bruna!


Foi ótimo ser voluntária neste hostel! Tudo funcionou conforme já acertado, os anfitriões são excelentes pessoas, muito simpáticos e atenciosos. O trabalho para mim foi sem novidades pois estou acostumada com afazeres de casa... Adorei a temporada em que fiquei lá e amei a cidade de Lisboa!

aproximadamente 1 mês atrás

Ruben respondeu

Muito obrigado pela ajuda, Adriana!


Adorei o lugar, o pessoal e os anfitriões. O casal é super acessível, querido e bem disposto, fui recebida como uma integrante da família no hostel. Fiz amizades, tive tempo para passear, fiquei confortável pois o lugar é muito aconchegante e o trabalho era leve e tranquilo de executar. Além de recomendar, quando eu voltar à Lisboa, certamente ficarei lá!

7 meses atrás


My experience in City Hostel Lisbon was beautiful. The hostel is small and cosy. Ruben and Viktoriya were like a family, spent a lot of time with them when not working. Sharing food, concerts, first fado nights, first trips outside Lisbon, walks and talks :)They were very sweet, helpful, direct (with the good and bad), and cared for me and Sara (another volunteer) very much so. The work was not so hard, the morning shift would be cleaning the hostel, doing the laundry and making beds. The afternoon shift was making check-ins, and being there if the guests need anything. I recommend :)

quase 2 anos atrás

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