Colitas Con Canas Rescue Centre - Rescuing street dogs in the Sacred Valley of the Incas (Peru)

Colitas Con Canas translates as "gray tails" in English, which refers to our primary mission to rescue elderly dogs.

We used to be Allqo Llaqta Rescue Centre, which was in operation for 5 years. One of the founders, Fabrizio, moved to the United States. Without his presence in Urubamba, we had to close Allqo Llaqta. A new rescue centre was co-founded with Emily, who is the Project Director and Operation Manager, and lives on site at the new rescue centre.

Colitas Con Canas is a specialized rescue centre focusing on elderly and special needs dogs and community outreach and education. We take in dogs that are unlikely to be adopted, dogs in recovery and sometimes hospice cases, and serve as a retirement home for abandoned elderly dogs.

We hope to inspire others to give a chance to the dogs that are often overlooked, but most importantly, that our dogs have a safe and loving place to live where they receive medical attention and any accommodations they may need physically and emotionally.

Volunteers will be working with local people and local volunteers, so volunteers will learn the lifestyle, working ways and cultural practices of the local community.

Urubamba is a very authentic town, not as touristy as Cusco, giving volunteers a great opportunity to get immersed in the Peruvian life.

Volunteers can explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas, which was an important site for the Inca Empire, and is the home of some incredible Inca (and pre-Inca) archeological sites. The most famous being Machu Picchu.

This beautiful and peaceful valley is home to a number of isolated villages and colonial towns. Star attractions in the Sacred Valley include Machu Picchu, the Pisac Market and the lofty Inca citadels of Pisac and Ollantaytambo; however, the valley is filled with other Inca sites that are well worth visiting.

So this is a great opportunity to learn about the Inca civilization. Urubamba is in roughly the middle of the Sacred Valley.

Activities volunteers can do during their time off:

- Visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas and everything it has to offer: Incas (and pre-Incas) archeological sites (Machu Picchu, Pisac, Ollantaytambo), colonial towns, Quechua villages, vibrant local markets.

- Outdoor activities: hiking, biking

- Socializing with the local population: the people of Urubamba are very friendly, and it wouldn’t be hard to socialize with them.

- Learn Spanish or Quechua

- Day trip to world-renowned Cusco (the capital of the Inca Empire), easy, frequent, and cheap transportation between Urubamba and Cusco, about 1hr30 mins one-way.

- Transportation within the Sacred Valley is straightforward, frequent and cheap with Collectivos (mini-vans). Our centre is right by a bus stop.

We are 3 founders: - Emily An American by birth, she arrived in Peru on vacation in 2007. A short time she later founded Huaman Wasi, a refuge dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wild animals, victims of illegal trafficking in Urubamba, Cusco. In 2023, Emily decided to open Colitas Con Canas, in collaboration with Nikki and Corinne. - Nikki and Corinne While traveling through Peru back in 2018, we stayed in Urubamba where we had the opportunity to meet Fabrizio. He was the veterinarian who helped us in our attempt to rescue a street dog and take her back home with us to Canada. We felt a kindred bond with Fabrizio, and together with him, we co-founded Allqo Llaqta Rescue Centre for street dogs, which existed for 5 years. Fabrizio has moved to the United States, and Allqo Llaqta is no longer in operation. We are now working with Emily in making Colitas Con Canas a successful rescue centre for street dogs in the Sacred Valley. Emily is on site in Urubamba and is the Project Director and Operation Manager. Nikki is the Volunteer Coordinator. Corinne is the IT/Admin/Super Geek. The 3 of us are friendly, reasonable, communicative, and enthusiastic individuals. We are a new rescue centre, so we don't have right now a highly-structured typical day. You will be doing for sure the “Day to day operation of the rescue centre” as this is the core of our activities and required for all volunteers. Your will be working 6 hours a day with some breaks, with 2 days off per week. A typical shift is from 10am to 4pm (our public hours), but you could have a slightly different 6 hours shift, depending on the needs of the centre at the time. You will be working 5 days a week, and which days of the week you will get your two days off (Monday, Sunday, Wednesday...) will also depend on the needs of the centre at the time. But this is not the army, we can discuss everything so everybody (the dogs and the volunteers) are happy. So you will need to be a little independent, take initiatives, and go with the flow. You will be contributing to the development of a new rescue centre, so it can be challenging and exciting at the same time!

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My time at Colitas con Canas was the best time of my life. Emily and the other volunteers directly welcomed me as if I am part of their family. The tasks make a lot of fun, are always well explained and you still get lots of free time, so I was able to go on trips to Maccu Piccu, Cusco and Rainbow Mointains. In the evenings We watched movies, played games or went to the brewery. But the best thing here are the dogs! They are very lovely and want attencion all day. If I could, I would adopt every single one!
All in all I just can recommend everyone to get part of this beautiful project!

16 dias atrás

Nikki respondeu

Thank you Jon for your positive attitude, enthusiasm and all the love you gave to our dogs!



My time at Colitas Con Canas was incredible! You will truly fall in love with each dog that is sheltered here! I teared up a little saying my farewells to all the lovely dogs and puppies! Meeting all the wonderful travellers was a true blessing! And I will miss Urubamba and the nature that surrounds the facility! Emily is truly an admirable host and leader. Work, scheduling, and everything in between is flexible, and the team is willing to meet your needs. Just come prepared to give lots of love to the dogs and with lots of layers because it gets really cold at night!

1 mês atrás

Nikki respondeu

It was a pleasure to work with you on our project Jiwoo!

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We felt welcome from the moment we met Emily and the other volunteers. Not only are there old, abandoned or abused dogs looking for a second (or first) chance at a loving home, there are puppies as well as special needs dogs and cats and that need lots of love and attention. If you adore animals you'll have plenty of them to share your love with. The atmosphere's relaxed but with that many animals (and people) there's never a shortage of things to be cleaned, fed, washed, walked, put away, organized, picked up, loved, petted or played with. If you cant go, consider donating for vet services.

2 meses atrás



Colitas con Canas es un refugio de perritos con necesidades especiales y/o con vejez 🐾❤️, que NECESITAN de ti! Empatizarás y te encariñarás con cada uno de ellos. Ya los extrañoo!

Ten cuenta que el tener perritos no solo es dar amor sino también, alimentar, limpiar 24/7, pasear, bañar, etc. Así que aquí mostrarás tu responsabilidad, organización y trabajo en equipo. Las tareas y el horario son como lo acordado.

Emily y su familia son unos grandes anfitriones buscarán que te sientas en casa y feliz. Muchas gracias por todo y las ricas comidas

2 meses atrás

Nikki respondeu

Thank you Regis for everything! You attentively gave each one of our dogs customized care and attention. We are touched by how deeply you connected with our project. You put all your heart into it. Thank you for creating a comprehensive to-do list for our volunteers. We will never forget you!



Haber colaborado con emily en el cuidado de los perros y gatos fue buena...

3 meses atrás

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