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Being a volunteer would require patience, resilience and positivity otherwise you will not enjoy your experience. If you exercise these things, the impact you have will be so great that everyone will walk away feeling enriched. You will have the opportunity to keep in contact with the organization you work with if you wish and may also request any update regarding the progress of their work.

Our aim is to connect volunteers to projects across community in Chikwawa district –Malawi focusing mainly on young people’s education, development and health. Choose which of these projects you would like to go. We would like in future to add more community and projects on this list but we first want to be able to go there ourselves and make sure that each project we promote, we ourselves have already experienced. We would not want to connect you to project that we ourselves are not 100% sure about. We believe in building long lasting relationships with the projects and communities we work with therefore our ethos is to be as honest and as transparent as possible. We have vetted each organisation and are confident that you would have an amazing time.

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